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Tuesday... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Tuesday... [Feb. 15th, 2005|06:57 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |hothot]

I thought it was becoming cooler (and it was this morning) but the digital thermometer in this upstairs bedroom is reading 34.9 degrees Celsius. This thermometer always ends in a .9 (never a .6 or a .8) although I watched those on display in the store where I bought it and one definitely read 26.8 (at least for a few minutes).

Semester 1 officially starts on Monday. I have been reading some of the text and have bought a book on Accounting Standards (which are now being internationalised - apart from the United States) as issues in relation to such standards figure in the work being considered (although not part of the official text). I've also bought an up to date book on Financial Accounting which meshes with current Australian Accounting Standards.

I'm told that if I show the enrolment notice from the UNE to my job-network member the hours I'm required to attend their offices will be reduced (to take into account the study load).

I have sent away to see if Quicken will send me what they suggest is "$4,000" of software as part of their Professional Affiliation program. I am legally entitled to operate as a public accountant under the rules of the government and the NIA. The way I figure it if I can come to grips with Quicken perhaps there's a market out there somewhere for book-keeping services. Under the rules I am permitted to operate without a PPC (Public Practitioner's Certificate) provided income is below $10,000. After that it becomes more expensive with fees and an orientation program. I haven't quoted an ABN number to Quicken as I don't have any clients. If one contemplates doing this sort of thing then step 1 is to familiarise oneself with the software and indeed be a master of various aspects of legislation before embarking too far. Officially it isn't necessary to have an ABN number but there are rules regarding that. Registration for an ABN number is free BUT first I'lll wait to see if they'll send me the software.

( I take the $4,000 as being something of a ploy as nothing in their retail range sells for that amount of money.. ) It's a possible market for my skills but it's definitely a "slow feel" thing.

I received a call from an agency regarding two possible short-term assignments. Ho hum..

I note bro' Alan has been in conversation with Sir Conan Doyle. ( "A nice little money earner" ). Greetings to those who make their way here and I aplogiise for the Accounting stuff... (sigh). It's not really boring....

(honestly) !!