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Bob Bain

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Me from a meme [Aug. 13th, 2004|04:55 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Following meme from elsibeth

The following answers are derived from the questions listed by Elsie...

Self Esteem and Personal Power:

* Do you feel that you're bad, dirty or ashamed?

I am sometimes in need of a wash. There's no hard rule as to what "bad" is.

* Do you feel different from other people?

I don't know how other people feel. I feel older than many other people.

* Do you feel there's something wrong with you deep down inside?

Nothing that can't be corrected.

* Do you ever feel self-destructive or suicidal? Or that you simply want to die?

No to self-destructive or suicidal. I don't wish to die but it comes to all of us. It's part of life.

* Do you hate yourself?


* Do you find it hard to trust your intuition?

I don't get much by way of intuition.

* Do you have a sense of your own interests, talents or goals?


* Do you have trouble feeling motivated? Are you often immobilized?

I'm studying. I'm motiviated if somewhat weak.

* Can you accomplish things you set out to do?

Given time... :-)

* Do you feel you have to be perfect?

I'm quite good at stuffing up.


* Can you recognize your feelings? Tell the difference between them?

With enormous vigour.

* Do you have trouble expressing your feelings?

Not when I yell out in anger in the bathroom. In polite society perhaps.

* Are you comfortable with anger? Sadness? Happiness? Calm?

All thse things are human emotions. I am human.

* Do you feel confused much of the time?

Not really.

* Are you prone to depression? Nightmares? Panic Attacks?

Depression - Most certainly. Everyone has a nightmare or two. I have good dreams as well. I'm not prone to panic.

* Are you afraid of your feelings? Do they ever seem out of control?

I control my feelings.

* Have you ever been violent or abusively angry?

I have never been violent. I have been and probably am an angry person but I'm not abusrive to others (with intent that is).

Your Body:

* Are you aware of the messages your body gives your? Do you repsond to them?

When I'm hungry I eat (if I can find the money). If my body says sleep it does.

* Do you enjoy using your body in activities such as dance, sports or hiking?


* Have you ever intentionally hurt yourself or abused your body?



* Are you able to stay present when making love?

Is making love "having sex". I don't do that.

* Do you feel your worth is primarily sexual?

Certainly not.

* Do you experience sexual pleasure? Sexual desire?

That's a difficult question.

* Are you turned on by violent, sadistic or incestuous fantasies?

Incest - no. Some of the other stuff can be interesting if there is consent. I don't indulge in such things.


[User Picture]From: elsibeth
2004-08-13 05:43 am (UTC)
That is very interesting, bobb!

You know, I can't ever imagine not having lots and lots of sex. Don't you ever want to? Do you think the anger might go away if you had some sex sometimes?

I like you, bobb.
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[User Picture]From: bobbain
2004-08-15 01:17 am (UTC)
I can't imagine having lots and lots of sex.

Do I ever want to ? That's an interesting question and was raised by a psychiatrist 10 years ago which is roughly around the time the anger eventuated. I've been seeing him now for over 10 years and have recurring appointments where he "deals" with emotions he doesn't attempt to analyse.

The anger arises from a simple belief in truth and of being truthful - something which I adhere to. I don't appreciate my name being used by the media based on false assumptions and false statements. It becomes more pronounced when I realise that those I write to in government and in the bureaucracy are somewhat less than truthful in their responses to simple questions.

This becomes political. I have a separate (pseudonymous) Livejournal for the political (censorship) side of my being. I consider it "out of place" here.

Thanks for the hug :-) :-)

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