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The Manor Mosman 2GB and Theosophy - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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The Manor Mosman 2GB and Theosophy [Oct. 9th, 2012|08:20 am]
Bob Bain
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This picture of "The Manor" on the shores of Sydney Harbour was photographed on Saturday.

In 1926 The Theosophical Society ( Theosophical Broadcasting Station Pty Ltd) established Radio Station 2GB named after Giordano Bruno who was burnt at the stake (see Wikipedia). "The Manor" was also a home for the (in)famous Theosophist/Bishop C. W. Leadbeater mentioned in Brother Alan's book "Bishop's Irregular" (an unauthorised copy can be purchased via Amazon at inflated prices). Originally the TS were going to name the station 2AB after Annie Besant.

This letter to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald was taken from the Digital Archives

SIR, - The proposed lease of a small portion of the Chowder Reserve to Station 2GB is opposed by Miss V. K. Maddox on the grounds that the "erection of great steel masts would prove an excellent range-finding target for battleships far out at sea In time of war."

Miss Maddox is proving adept at changing the grounds of her opposition. At first she objected to the location of the station at The Manor, Clifton Gardens, as its vibrations in the ether disturbed theosophical work. The second objection was that it marred the appearance of The Manor, where it had been located for 10 years. As The Manor had certain rights in its own property, whether the arguments were logical or not, 2GB agreed to remove the station.

Now Miss Maddox objects to its location at Chowder Head. She has stated the reason, that 2GB was "filching" the reserve of 19 acres, although all that 2GB wanted was 60ft square, and 2GB was prepared to render in return a public service a hundredfold the value, and to replace the small area with another reserve approved by some competent authority.
Miss Maddox's fourth objection states that 2GB will erect a "great steel tower," and this is definitely incorrect. 2GB has not suggested the erection of a great steel tower, but merely the transfer of its existing station and wooden masts a distance of a few chains. From having been a defender of parks and reserves, Miss Maddox has become a defence expert. 2GB's aerial can hardly be detected across Sydney Harbour; how, then, could it be seen by enemy warships far out at sea? In war time the Defence authorities will of necessity take what actions are necessary to protect Australia's shores, and, one assumes, has all the necessary experts.

It was 2GB's determined recognition of its responsibility to the listening public that has brought about organised opposition from a small body led by Miss Maddox. All that 2GB wants is investigation and fairplay and British Justice. Our record of service should give the Australian public some assurance that 2GB will not accept their fairplay and favourable consideration without very liberal return. While certain persons would sit down on our reserves but can do nothing to preserve them for lack of funds, nature is relentlessly washing away part of the foreshores and leaving denuded rocks. The State needs public service and idealism, but let our idealism be practical.

i am, etc.,A. E. BENNETT,
Managing Director,
Broadcasting Station 2GB. Sydney Feb. 23. (24 Feb 1936)

On the 17th March 1934 the Sydney Morning Herald reported:-

"The funeral of the late Bishop C. W. Leadbeater presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic   Church, will leave The Manor, Iluka Road,   Clifton Gardens, at 2.30 p.m. to-day. for the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, arriving about 3 p.m."

BTW:  Trevor in Cornwall has LOTS of copies of "Bishops Irregular" (the original - not the Amazon version).