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From the LiveLeak forums - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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From the LiveLeak forums [Dec. 17th, 2010|11:23 am]
Bob Bain
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This was posted to the No Censorship forum on 22nd. December 2008

Pro-Logical (LiveLeak)..


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I see many people on Liveleak that are angry at Queensland Police,
especially Task Force Argos. Yes TFA did arrest Biggles & interrogated
him for 7 hours, took his DNA, Fingerprints and charged him. but TFA
are NOT the law agency responsible for what has happened to Biggles in
the first place.

TFA are merely state police acting on information from another source.
TFA were doing the leg work for the Australian Federal Police (AFP),
who in turn are doing the same thing for British Interpol. So the
reality is guys, it is the British Interpol that started this whole
'witch hunt' crap in the first place. So hopefully this will clear up
some of these really bad misunderstandings about this case.

I really hope that this information shows us all a way forward to
tackle the issues now affecting us and I would appreciate feedback and
any other contributions to this thread.

But most of all I want this information to help Biggles in dealing
with his case.


Chris Illingsworth on Liveleak

Mr Chris Illingsworth has been a member of the Liveleak community from
the first day the site was launched and is known to the Liveleak
community as Biggles9. Since the 22nd Nov 2006 he has uploaded over
5500+ videos that he found on other media sharing sites for public
interest. Chris Illingsworth is also now an administrator for

Biggles9 triggers ADF Investigation into Leaked Video Media

Biggles9 (Chris) first came to the attention of the Australian
Government and the National News Media in August 2007 after the
leaking of video media showing Australian Defence Force personal
deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan.



By Mark Schliebs

August 28, 2007 10:53am

AUSTRALIANS on the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan feature in
internet videos showing troops in battle and freely discussing
near-death experiences.

While the identities of the troops involved cannot be confirmed, many
posters of violent videos list themselves as Australians or claim that
the footage is of Diggers in action.

On LiveLeak.com, an increasingly popular video-sharing site, the
number one contributor in the past month appears to be a soldier
fighting in the Iraq War.

"biggles9", who listed his home country as Australia, has uploaded
hundreds of videos of troops engaged in battle, playing practical
jokes on each other and even one entitled "Marines Boxing at their
(sic) Quarters".

An Australian Defence Forces spokesman told NEWS.com.au that the user
was not an Australian soldier, but said the footage was of coalition
troops in Iraq.

But other videos on the site and on YouTube show men with Australian
accents discussing their experiences.



Chris Illingsworth's arrest came after a complaint was made to British
Police and the subsequent investigation that followed by Interpol over
the posting of a video showing a baby being swung around in a room by
a man that believed to be the baby's father. At the end of the
acrobatic routine the child appears smiling and happy and showed no
symptoms or signs of abuse.

Chris Illingsworth posted the Baby Swinging Video as a 'public
interest' article for the media sharing news website, Liveleak, and
also invited debate over the very controversial topic of the video.
Many Child Advocacy groups didn't see Chris's posting of the video
like that and were outraged. Some members were demanding to see his
head roll, even though they were totally ignorant or oblivious to the
fact that it wasn't Chris actually in the video.

Child Protection groups & agencies complained about the video with
allegations that the video was dangerous and would set a precedence
and encourage more people to commit Child Abuse if it was left on the

Interpol contacted Hayden Hewitt after the British police received a
complaint and both Hayden & Chris assisted authorities in the
investigation into tracking down the original uploader or source of
the video. The investigation lead Interpol to a man in Russia who is
apparently part of a circus family.


This is in respect of the "swinging baby" video referred to in the Sydney Morning Herald December 11th. 2008

I post this as I discover similarities between the "swinging baby" case (which was eventually withdrawn as the video being prosecuted had been shown on national television and rated well below "R" ) and the current situation with wikileaks and Julian Assange.

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