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Ancestry from Van Diemen's Land - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Ancestry from Van Diemen's Land [Dec. 7th, 2009|03:42 pm]
Bob Bain
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Letter from Sandra (cousin) in Southsea Hants detailing the fact that our distant ancestor Henry Worms was shipped to Van Diemen's Land in 1825 (seemingly aboard the good ship Medina)

There's also some entries at my family dot com from other descedants of Henry Worms. I recall mum speaking about Henry Worms several years before I migrated to Canada, Australia and Australia again (via New Zealand and the UK).

The lineage of Sandra and myself is alleged to be :-

Henry Worms (shipped to Van Diemen's Land 1825 and having served his sentence moved to Sydney in 1842)

begat Solomon who begat Lewis who begat Alice Worms who married John "Thomas" Lee ('Pop of Canvey Island' to me )

Nan and Pop lived on Canvey Island until Nan and Pop's death.

Nan and Pop begat mum Ivy (aka "Kitty") and "Auntie Gert"

Mum married dad (Donald Bain who begat me). Auntie Gert begat Sandra and also Audrey who married into regal circles.

There seems to be some doubt as to whether Henry Worms returned to the United Kingdom. The fact is that either he or Solomon or Lewis must have made the trip to the UK as mum was born in England not Australia.


edit update from genforum.geneology

The first record we can find of them in England is HYAM (Henry) Worms (b ?? c 1770) m Hannah LEVY 17.10.1798 at the great Synagogue London. Children 1. Sarah b 1799, Lewis b 1800

LEWIS JOSEPH b 1836 m1.06.1857 Ellen HARRINGTON
Children of Lewis Joseph WORMS & Ellen

Soloman b 1858 d 19.07.1887
Louis b 1861 d 13.08.1862
Alice b 1862 m John LEE 21.08.1882
Emily b 1872 m John SMITH 18.05.1902
others ????

Alice Worms is "nan" and John Lee "pop" who lived on Canvey Island and gave birth to Ivy Miriam Lee (later Bain)

some confusion over the dates methinks - was Lewis born in 1800 (if so in the UK) or 1836 (if so in Australia) ?


There's nothing wrong with Canvey Island. There are entries in this journal related to my CanveyIslandishness. I lived there from 1944 to 1948.

From my LJ Home Page

Me with mother "Kitty" Ivy Miriam Bain 1944 (no doubt on Canvey Island)

From: (Anonymous)
2009-12-31 01:12 pm (UTC)

Canvey Island

Why not have a look at www.canveyisland.org lots of info about Canvey Island. Why not add a page
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