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Picture Tim Priest addresses the 13th forum in the Round Table Series - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Picture Tim Priest addresses the 13th forum in the Round Table Series [Nov. 25th, 2009|12:32 am]
Bob Bain
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Tonight ex policeman Tim Priest, The Hon. Charlie Lynn M.L.C and Dai Le (politician and broadcaster ) addressed the 13th. forum in the Fellowship of the Round Table "Round Table Series" in the Jubilee Room at Paliament House, MacQuarie Street, Sydney.

Tim Priest was the key speaker and spoke at length. The Hon Charlie Lynn was the first to speak followed by Cabramatta politician and award winning journalist Dai Le. All speakers answered questions from the audience. The event was mentioned briefly in today's Sydney Morning Herald (back page) Optus Zoo link to back page Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald


The former policeman Tim Priest is listed as the guest of honour tonight at a public forum at NSW Parliament House entitled ''Politics and the Police''. Priest is billed as a ''former police officer who fought crime in Cabramatta'' and ''a well-known critic of the NSW Police Force''. Also speaking will be the upper house Liberal MP Charlie Lynn, and Dai Lei, the ABC filmmaker who stood unsuccessfully as the Liberal candidate against Labor's Nick Lalich at last year's Cabramatta by-election following the retirement of the former health minister Reba Meagher. It should make for a lively evening. The event is being put on by an organisation with the rather mysterious moniker of the Fellowship of the Round Table. It describes itself as ''a solidarity of kindred minds, who share a vision uniting past, present and future. We are dedicated to the regeneration of the human soul.''

and also mentioned in the New Holland blog.

Video of this forum was recorded and may eventually be available on the Internet (subject to discussion and agreement). I believe a write up of the event is being prepared by a community organisation.

The 12th. forum in the series regarding Internet Censorship includes video embedded from the code supplied by Vimeo user CW. I believe the same photographers recorded this evening's event.