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Saturday Morning - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Saturday Morning [May. 23rd, 2009|07:50 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

From PRWeb Press Release May 20th. 2009

ActionAid Australia, formerly Austcare, is currently in the process of launching the new brand and has taken a unique approach to open its work up to the Australian public. The organisation will drop Stilgherrian, an independent political blogger and writer for Crikey.com into a remote area of the United Republic of Tanzania.

"Stilgherrian has only been outside of Australia once, on a holiday to Thailand. In Australia he is known as a vocal and often irreverent political commentator, however we are aware we will need to mentor and support him, as he will face things many people never see in a lifetime. We hope this opens up the conversation on the issues of social negligence, and our social responsibilities regardless of where we live in the world".

Uh huh ! Socialist government....

Smartraveller.gov.au flags Tanzania High Degree of Caution - one short of "Reconsider your need to travel"

Homosexual acts are illegal in Tanzania (including Zanzibar). Penalties range from 30 years to life imprisonment.
Penalties for drug offences are severe and include lengthy imprisonment.
Spitting in public and the possession of pornographic material are illegal in Tanzania (including Zanzibar).
Photography around military zones, military assets and/or military personnel is prohibited.
Serious crimes, such as treason and murder, carry the death penalty.
Penalties for some crimes, including rape and robbery with violence, include corporal punishment.

MP3 file Project Interview ( media.syn.org.au )

It's been a tiring week. I am pleased it's the weekend.