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Associate professor Bjorn Landfeldt - Filtering forum University of Sydney 3rd. April - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Associate professor Bjorn Landfeldt - Filtering forum University of Sydney 3rd. April [Apr. 3rd, 2009|10:48 pm]
Bob Bain
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Darlington (Redfern) Campus University of Sydney

Two display screens used to illustrate the points being raised

Associate professor Bjorn Landfeldt prepares the computers used during the seminar

Danny Yee (EFA) to the left - University staff at the lectern (I thank Danny for a beer at the pub later in the evening)

Associate professor Bjorn Landfeldt begins the hour long presentation regarding filtering methods and issues relating to the government's filtering proposals

Reference: University of Sydney Filtering Seminar 3rd. April 2009 (STOTC blog)

University of New South Wales webpage regarding this seminar

Do we simply accept the Australian Internet filtering scheme or do we need to ask hard questions?

3 April 2009 Basser Seminar Series

I thank Danny Yee for one beer and acknowledge the presence of David Vaile (University of New South Wales). It may be that notes appear on a blog regarding the content of this hour long session. At least one leading blogger was noted in the audience. I noted the event being recorded but am not sure if a podcast or similar will appear on the University of New South Wales website.

I am also reminded that Esperanto House is not far from Redfern station and recall attempting to rekindle my interest in this language many years ago. My correspondence with Russia (in Esperanto) was frequently censored or went missing at the hands of a government agency - particularly when I posted pictures of Soviet ships moored off the coast of various countries. No espionage was ever intended. I am only a tourist. What did emerge from this correspondence was a question "How is that your governments permit you to travel so freely ?" to which I could only reply that we live in the "free world" (as best I could in Esperanto).


In the year 2009 Australia attempts to stifle the Russian "mob" who seemingly publish the "worst of the worst" on dental sites in Queensland. The circle turns...