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From "The Bulletin" 1994 - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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From "The Bulletin" 1994 [Mar. 16th, 2009|09:55 am]
Bob Bain
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"Even though the industry has been harmed by a 40% ACT government tax imposed on videos in 1989 - and ruled unconstitutional by the High Court last year - X rated material now accounts for almost a quarter of all videos viewed by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). From 1985 to 1992-93 the X-rated category - or what the industry prefers to call 'non-violent erotica' - grew from 6.5% of all videos seen to 24%. In 1992-93, the OFLC passed 934 X-rated titles - up from 678 the previous year - out of a total of 3851 videos classified across all categories."

"In the past decade, state coffers have been made $1.15 million richer by X- rated porn. Why asks Hercus, should the states profit from something they do not allow to be legally sold?"

"Unclassified and illegal material is available in most cities, especially Sydney".

The Bulletin February 15th. 1994

It is stated in the article that each state receives $35 every time an X-rated video is classified but which during the 10 year period since state prohibition earned the states $35 for every video classified"

Amazing figures. Over 3000 videos classified and 934 (24%) of these were legal video pornography of which the State of New South Wales received $35 for every porn video classified.

That was over 15 years ago and a month later I was discussing this issue with solicitors and barristers.

"The Bulletin" ceased publication in 2008 (click on link to read news item - January 2008)

I wonder what happened to Felicity Moffat ?