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Commen to STOTC awaiting moderation... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Commen to STOTC awaiting moderation... [Mar. 14th, 2009|04:49 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |bitchybitchy]

The following entry is awaiting moderation on Somebody Think of the Children

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

@batman “Whirlpool seems to like breaking them to prove a point all while expecting everyone to respect theirs”

AFAIK Whirlpool is an “Broadband Discussion Forum”


..with stated rules


..about a quarter of a million registered users and over 18 million posts expressing personal opinions regarding a multitude of issues reating to Broadband.

When told that a link to an anti-abortion site - presumably placed there by one of several thousand Whirlpool forum members was prohibitec content or potential prohibited content it was removed.

Again AFAIK Whirlpool is not a political party nor a branch of either the EFF, the EFA or any other organisation.

Whirlpool is a forum - a place where people can express viewpoints. As far as I know Whirlpool doesn’t have a “point to make”. From what I can tell it is a forum operating in a democratic society where a variety of views and opinions are aired and discussed.

BTW: The ownership and possession of images including RC images and films (including images and films involving aborted fetuses) is NOT illgal in most states of Australia. It is most certainly not illegal here in New South Wales.

You might like to check out the links to the videos on YouTube related to the subject of aborted fetuses(Rosary Films I believe) pointed to from the Home Page of the prohibited webpage and consider if these videos would fall fould of ACMA rules and be subject to a takedown notice.

The YouTube site contains links to a Roman Catholic website on Ebay where it’s possible to purhase Roman Catholic literature. In the Republic of Ireland recently there was controversy from Roman Catholics when a similar website was banned.

See my LiveJournal entry


Broadcasting Commission of Ireland


“Over the course of the past fortnight, the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) has given detailed consideration to a number of scripts proposed by representatives for the organisation Veritas as part of a Christmas advertising campaign. As part of this process, the Commission has had regard to existing legislation and regulation; specifically Section 65 of the Broadcasting Act, 2001 and Section 9 of the BCI General Advertising Code. The Commission also had regard to a decision of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission in September 2008, upholding a complaint against a Veritas advertisement which was broadcast.”

“The BCI deemed the lines “Christmas: aren’t we forgetting something?”; “Why not give a gift that means more?”; and “So to give a gift that means more” ”offend the legislation”. It also found that asking people to visit the website http://www.veritas.ie was unacceptable”.

I tend to get nervous when points I raise become subject to moderation and I tend to refrain from making posts to moderated forums or when the free flow of ideas becomes inhibited. I left the ANU Link list when I was told by "free speech advocates" that I posted too often and my views were unacceptable. I left the EFA STOP list after posting there for many years when I was told that I was "part of the problem and not the solution".

The reply awaiting moderation contains spelling errors. I have a life to lead. Perhaps I spend to much time on censorship related issues.

Trevor seems to think I do.