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Australia Day ! - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Australia Day ! [Jan. 26th, 2009|09:41 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |patriotic]

From an Irish perspective as documented in the Times Online

From The Sunday Times January 25, 2009

Tomorrow, millions of Aussies will join together in some much-loved
activities - firing up the barbie, playing backyard cricket, competing
in flipflop-throwing contests, hitting the beach in the evening to
watch the fireworks and, of course, downing a few tinnies along the
way. Tomorrow, you see, is Australia Day, when the locals mark the
anniversary of the landing of the First Fleet in 1788 and, as the
promotional ads say, "Celebrate What’s Great!" about their country.


Unfortunately, when you stop daydreaming about this southern
hemisphere paradise and start investigating the practicalities, the
notion of jacking it all in and moving to Australia might lose its
lustre. While you arrive with euros, once you start working you’re
earning Aussie dollars, which are not quite as close to scrap paper as
Zimbabwean dollars but won’t exactly leave you a princess of
purchasing power.

Even before you arrive, you’ll need an Aussie visa, which is
relatively easy for tradespeople to get but more difficult for those
in other professions. Even with a visa you could struggle to find a
job. Half a million Australians are unemployed, with more being laid
off every week. Matters aren’t as dire as they are at home, but dark
times are coming. New South Wales is already in recession and the
whole country will probably be in the same sinking boat before the
year is out.

"Batten the hatches," advised a report last week by Access Economics,
a leading economic forecaster. "This is not just a recession. This is
the sharpest deceleration Australia’s economy has ever seen." The
report predicted that the country’s economic boom would "unwind
scarily fast" and concluded gloomily, if frankly, that the federal
budget was "buggered".

Still, if you’re not working, you’ll have plenty of time to do
whatever you like, right? Eh, wrong, actually. Australians might be
laid-back but their rulers are not. This is a nanny state par
One of the first things you’ll see at the beach is an
enormous sign warning you of all the dangers of being at the beach
(such as rip currents) and listing all the things you’re not allowed
to do - drink alcohol or collect invertebrates, for a start.

The federal government will soon introduce mandatory internet
filtering - in other words, censorship - although this is being
opposed by the newly launched Australian Sex Party ("We’re serious
about sex"). State governments seem to be vying with each other to
introduce ever-more restrictive liquor laws.

They forgot to mention Fred Nile !

Perhaps (hopefully) they have never heard of Fred Nile

Nile is a frequent critic of the Australian Greens. He has described them as the "watermelon party - Green on the outside but red on the inside, with a bit of a pink tinge." This phrase has been subsequently repeated by other conservative Australian politicians, such as John Anderson

Nile also frequently labels the Greens as being "anti-family", "anti-Christian" and "pagan", citing their opposition to the current practice of opening parliament with daily prayers and policies such as the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Fred would almost certainly oppose this idea documented in The Australian (online)

Paul Maley - January 26, 2009

AUSTRALIAN of the Year Mick Dodson has begun his reign by calling for Australia Day to be moved from January 26 because indigenous Australians see it as the day their "world came crashing down".

In comments that made it clear Professor Dodson will use his position to pursue issues such as the date of Australia Day, the merits of the Northern Territory intervention and compensation for the Stolen Generations, the lawyer and academic said most indigenous people still regarded January 26 as "Invasion Day".

This piece from The Melbourne Sun is outrageous nonsense..

Kevin Rudd is in Seventh Heaven after Obama inauguration

attributed to Patrick Carlyon January 24, 2009 12:00am

INFECTED by the vicarious glow of President Obama's inauguration, not to mention the hoopla, Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has announced his own special ceremony.

The event, to be squeezed in on Monday between scones at a bowls club and a Speedos photo-op at Bondi Beach, will be known as Kevin's Seventh Heaven Australia Day.

Possible venues include the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple or, as an outside chance, the Big Koala just this side of Horsham, after official inquiries found no one has yet built a Big Nerd monument to our 26th prime minister.


Following the ceremony, Rudd will drive the parade route in a Datsun 180B (boasting the OiOiOi number plates), distribute free thongs in his latest stimulus package, and attend 10 sausage sizzles. Minders have warned Rudd to pace himself on the red cordial.

He will be sworn in by the Rev Fred Nile, an event hosted by Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Geoff Harvey's Channel 9 Orchestra.

note: in less than two months time I turn the ripe old age of 65