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UFOs vs Fred Nile .. or is beach boob nudity wrong ??? - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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UFOs vs Fred Nile .. or is beach boob nudity wrong ??? [Jan. 17th, 2009|02:09 pm]
Bob Bain
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I note this article Boob battle: Alien worshippers vs Fred Nile - (Livenews) refers to the Raelians who protested at the Sydney anti-censorship rally on December 13th.

I'll admit I thought they were promoting underarm deodorant.

acknowledgments: image via Queen of the Desert on Flikr

14/01/2009 12:58:00 PM. | Jesse Perez & Yasmin Bright

Gathering at North Bondi yesterday, female representatives of the organisation, who believe that UFOs will soon land on earth, showed the world that the human body was not a thing to be ashamed of.

“The current attempt by fundamentalist politicians and activists to have topless sunbathing outlawed, following Mr. Nile’s campaign, is unacceptable with regard to gender equality” Veronique Chachay, a spokesperson for the group said.

“Why should anyone feel more uncomfortable surrounded by topless women than topless men?”

The Australia Raelien Movement has joined forces with US-based organisation www.gotopless.org, which is conducting protests to protect the constitutional right for women to go bare-chested in public.

I have researched the Rael website which I discovered via the Sydney anti-censorship protests.


December 13th. 2008 appears to have been an anniversary - 35 years on..

From the Rael website.....

On the 13th of December 1973, French journalist Rael was contacted by a visitor from another planet, and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome these people back to Earth.

The extra-terrestrial human being was a little over four feet tall, had long dark hair, almond shaped eyes, olive skin, and exuded harmony and humor. Rael recently described him by saying quite simply, "If he were to walk down a street in Japan, he would not even be noticed." In other words, they look like us, and we look like them. In fact, we were created "in their image" as explained in the Bible.

He told Rael that:

"We were the ones who designed all life on earth"
"You mistook us for gods"
"We were at the origin of your main religions"
"Now that you are mature enough to understand this,we would like to enter official contact through an embassy"

Anyway I got to have a beer with Stilgherrian (see entry for December 13th. 2008 ) whom I recall suggested the solution to Trevor's problem was to ban Cornwall.