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Banning of Veritas radio advert ridiculous, says theologian - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Banning of Veritas radio advert ridiculous, says theologian [Dec. 27th, 2008|07:31 am]
Bob Bain
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From The Irish Times

5th. December 2008


Cake and crackers, Santa and stockings, turkey and tinsel, Mistletoe and mince pies, and presents and puddings.

Christmas: aren't we forgetting something? This Christmas, why not give a gift that means more?

Veritas has a range of different and thoughtful gifts, for children and adults alike. From books and music to candles and artwork, there is something for everyone to enjoy and treasure.

So to give a gift that means more, drop into your local Veritas shop or log on to www.veritas.ie"

"The BCI deemed the lines "Christmas: aren't we forgetting something?"; "Why not give a gift that means more?"; and "So to give a gift that means more" ''offend the legislation". It also found that asking people to visit the website www.veritas.ie was unacceptable".

Official Press Release - Broadcasting Council of Ireland

Press Releases 2008



Over the course of the past fortnight, the Broadcasting Commission of
Ireland (BCI) has given detailed consideration to a number of scripts
proposed by representatives for the organisation Veritas as part of a
Christmas advertising campaign. As part of this process, the
Commission has had regard to existing legislation and regulation;
specifically Section 65 of the Broadcasting Act, 2001 and Section 9 of
the BCI General Advertising Code. The Commission also had regard to a
decision of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission in September 2008,
upholding a complaint against a Veritas advertisement which was

It is the Commission’s view that the scripts, as proposed may not
comply with legislation and regulation regarding advertising directed
towards a religious end. As part of its dealing with agencies
representing Veritas the Commission sought to reach a resolution
through alternative wording for the script, an offer which to date has
not been taken up.

The BCI has a statutory duty as a regulator to ensure compliance by
broadcasters with relevant legislation and regulation. In the context
of the Broadcasting Bill which is currently at committee stage in the
Oireachtas, the Commission has made suggestions to the Department of
Communications, Energy and Natural Resources regarding possible
amendments which could be made to the section of the legislation
dealing with advertising directed towards a religious end.

Media Queries to

Suzanne Sullivan or Aoife Clabby

I am back from the Blue Mountains where I spent Christmas with my painter friend from NEIS. At the RSL I introduced some history ( seemingly unknown to him ) in the form of Constantine and the meaning of the Chi Rho Symbol and various tid bits about the worship of the Sun God in Rome prior to the advent of Christianity ( adopted as an accepted religion by the Emperor Constantine ). He asked if the priests know this as nobody had ever mentioned this before. I explained how the X in Xmas is the Chi symbol and related this back to the Chi Rho symbol which influenced Constantine and how this period was a Pagan festival relating to the birth of the Sun God.

I explained that his Catholic teachers and priests probably know this but it isn't part of Catholic teaching to concentrate on the history of the belief system.

I read about the prohibition of the Catholic website in the Australian Catholic Weekly - December 14th 2008 (which I would not normally read or be exposed to).