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Christian fundies and Internet Filtering ! - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Christian fundies and Internet Filtering ! [Nov. 6th, 2008|07:51 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

As "derspatz" has been mumbling away regarding Mark Newton in the "Whirlpool debate" ( see this entry in "Somebody Think of the Children" together with "derspatz on Whirlpool" )

Dunno why WP mods let that through as it basically is a case of Mark Newton obviously not being able to handle a contrary opinion so resorting to attacking the person with heresay, no doubt in an attempt to poison the well.

For shame.

My views have been consistent throught out this thread and similarly reflected in my blog entry and yahoo group responses away from WP.

Far from advocating chaos about this topic, I have continually and consistently pointed out and promoted the need for law and order for on the internut just as for off it.

Who is it that doesn't want law and order here but rather a chaotic division between online governance and offline ?


Someone has responded to my comments about DS being a "Christian fundamentalist" with ...

Was Sparrow/derspatz always a fundie or is one of those guys who became a fundie later in life ?

...which prompted me to do some research.

The Sixteen Bits March 1998 report (pdf) is a piece of nostalgia as it was the first Canberra ( LTUAE ) event I attended.

I recall landing in Sydney after my father's funeral in the UK and after visiting Brother Alan in Cornwall heading straight to Yarralumla - ( a notorious place of ill repute see link above) on a bus and meeting with Shaz in Canberra before venturing into uncharted territory.

from the above report (March 1998)

"Saturday saw us degenerates at the Cafe Pronto for the customary fest-before-the-fest. Present were Boop, Sandy, Sparrow, SharonSparks/Riesinger (the best wines are made from pure Rhine Riesinger grapes, you know), Sharon’s mother and brother Randolph. Who else? Den, Dac and Val. Bob, Bob and Kim. Some people with inconveniently polysyllabic names: Janet, Graham, and Andrew Freeman esquire. There was also this scrawny Chinese guy but I don’t know who he/she/it was. If I’ve forgotten anyone, well, that’s obviously because you’re easily forgettable."


"Sparrow revealed in passing how he liked perving at crossdressers (for the geeks out there, crossdressing is something like crossposting but is marginally more socially acceptable)."

cross references derspatz Whirlpool profile and ( heaven help us) derspatz on blogspot where it's possible to read..

Friday, 31 October 2008 - "Waa, Waa, Waa, the govamin R breakn the interweb"

You've gone and exposed my true motivation for my giving of my not so hard earned - I'm busy sowing the seeds of chaos and destruction so Jesus will come and rescue me sooner ! (rolls eyes)


Considering that and remembering the kinds of things I was vocally against back in FIDO days of LTUAE and the other echos, it should be of no surprise to you that I would in principal be in support of Government control of illegal material online (and more besides), so there really is no need to be making silly appeals to a notion of "I'm trying to bring about amageddon" ...