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YEAH SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE - ABSOLUTELY RIGHT MATE ! - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Bob Bain
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Conroys Office - Groups opposing filtering hold extreme views (link)

Internet Filtering Scheme Tim Marshall... (Media Advisor to Senator Conroy)

Marshall: There's been a lot of (um)... how would you describe it? Pretty speculative coverage in the last couple of weeks

Interviewer: Yeah, and it's coming to light as of late err especially this week I think ComputerWorld Australia started, well they put out, basically they've been in talks, um well there's been... you know, news thats just come to light. I know Crikey started attacking at it... everyone seems to be attacking.. attacking but yeah there's no like true information that I can get out of it that is confirmed....

Marshall: Nah it's all very specky and it all rose er.. sort of at the end of last month when a... I think he was a technician from one of the ISP's wrote something.

Interviewer: Yeah I think Internode.


Yeah, I think he wrote something speculative on the whirlpool site and it's all sort of risen from there. You might have picked up that it is a reasonably emotive issue and you know there's a few lobby groups in the sector who are pretty keen to put their (er you know) extreme view out there without perhaps having too much interest in the facts (um)..

But look it's been pretty specky at the moment and there isn't a lot of information out there,

.... but what I can say is that we have been consulting closely with the industry, the ISP's, throughout the year and we are very close to releasing an expressions of interest (er) for industry to take part in a field pilot (um) of filtering technology and that document will contain quite a bit of information (er you know) about what we are what we're looking to get out of that pilot and (er) the processes we want to go through to ensure we are making policy based on the best available evidence.

Interviewer: So will there be another media release soon detailing because I know tests were done not so long ago in Tasmania in February....

Marshall: Yeh, look I'll explain about those tests, ACMA who's the communications regulator ...... ran some tests - now there needs to be clarification on those tests they were designed by the previous government so they weren't necessarily testing things that we may have tested if we were designing the parameters of that research. Yep ! They were also tests really to check on the progress of the technology so we said we welcomed the results but they were really but more...

Interviewer: It was kind of irrelevant I suppose.

Marshall: Yeh, it was more simple than a lot of people made out in that it was quite obvious that... There were some similar tests in 2005 and as you would imagine with technology over that three year period technology had improved. (so er you know) On what they were evaluated against and over a three year period yes, we can confirm that this showed these technologies had improved. Now as I said they didn't really test for quite a few things that we would be looking to do and as you know we're looking now to do a field pilot ith the ISP's.

Interviewer: So would that be still in a test phase where people could opt in?

Marshall: No, well look...

How do you mean opt in?

Interviewer: Well if your going to be doing a test phase will that be, you'll be liaising with for example a couple of ISP's that will test it.

Marshall: Yeah, look it'll be- we're going to cast an expressions of interest, we're going to cast a wide net for as many ISP's as possible to take part in the trial, and as I said we've been in consultation with the ISP industry for months now and have had largely a very positive interaction..with them. And so (you know) we'd expect a number of ISP's to take part in that trial and the document that we release shortly will detail how that will all take place.

Interviewer: And so the ISP's that will be taking it on will they distribute such a test to all their user base ?

Marshall: Look I'm not sure of the details of the EOI at the moment but that will all be made clear at the time. It'll be a live field pilot.

Interviewer: So when can we expect a media release, sometime in the near future?

Marshall: Yeah, sometime in the near future. Absolutely right mate !

Absolutely right mate ?

Um ? Yeah ? You know ?

How do you mean opt in ? How do you mean opt out ?

I note that Salo (unrated - possibly RC although it was once rated "R") is notching up points in the nocensorshipaus YouTube channel. I have it on excellent authority that this may have been extracted from a DVD purchased for $15 in upper George Street Sydney and a product of the People's Republic of China.

It is not illegal to purchase or own unrated or RC material in New South Wales. There's quite a bit of it available ... that is (um) (you know) being sold right now at this moment (um yeah...)