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Bob Bain

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Australian Art in the Big Apple ! [Oct. 18th, 2008|08:17 pm]
Bob Bain
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New York Gallery censors ad for Henson Exhibition - The Australian 18th. October 2008

David Nason, New York correspondent - October 18, 2008

A MANHATTAN art gallery has responded to the controversy surrounding Australian photographer Bill Henson by deleting images of naked adolescent girls from an online promotion of a new exhibition.

The Bill Henson exhibition opened last night at the Robert Miller Gallery in Chelsea, New York, and features five images of the girl identified as "N" in David Marr's recent book on Henson.

The photographs carried price tags ranging from $US26,000 ($38,300) to $US29,000, considerably more than the asking price in Australia.


Robert Miller Gallery director of photography Royce Howes said concerns about a police crackdown in New York had nothing to do with the decision to exclude photographs of "N" from the gallery website.

"Police close us down? I don't think that would ever happen in New York," Mr Howes said.

Robert Miller Gallery Press Release (link)


Bill Henson Images from the Gallery (link)