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Bob Bain

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Saturday arvo... [Oct. 4th, 2008|03:02 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |blahblah]

From Short News

10/03/2008 10:55 PM

It has been revealed that Bill Henson, The controversial photographer who photographed a child subject in the nude for a photographic exhibition,(SN reported) was allowed to choose his subjects from a school playground.

"The Daily Telegraph' has revealed that Henson was introduced to the principal of a Melbourne primary school and allowed to wander the playground at lunch time looking for a subject. The principal then phoned the parents to gain permission.

Journalist David Marr was told that Henson finds his subjects in many ways and this was one of those. Naturally parents and the P and C were outraged and permission should have been sought before allowing Henson through the school.

OMFG! You mean he was undressing them with his EYES?!! You light the torches, and I'll bring the pitchforks. Unclean thoughts must be cleansed! Make sure you pass on those values to your lucky little ones.

What an over sensationalized story...

He was basically a visitor to the school. People are allowed to visit schools and walk around if they have permission. They're even allowed to look at the kids (shocking, I know). Then they phone the parents and ask permission... omfg! those bast*rds!.

refer to Somebody think of the Children for some background into the release of a book by David Marr regarding artist/photographer Bill Henson.

From what I understand from googling the news our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is once again disgusted and the financially desperate Daily Telegraph is once again running vile editorials !

"Is there a point in trying to control, almost as a kind of thought
police, the endless ever-changing infinitely various unstoppable
human imagination that's out there? Every back fence you go over has
got a different bunch of people and a different bunch of whatever is
in their heads. I think it's a pointless exercise trying to control

quote attributed to Bill Henson (artist and photographer) SMH Good Weekend October 4th. 2008.