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Saturday 'arvo - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Saturday 'arvo [Sep. 20th, 2008|02:56 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |blahblah]

I came across this issue of a magazine suited to people of my age at Werrington County news agency this morning..


image borrowed in the interests of criticism and debate from the site mentioned below

The cover had been completely covered by the government and it's agencies in accordance with regulations - but they left the URL www.fantasy.co.uk quite clearly visible for kids to memorise and type into their computers at home. The site does ask if you are 18 before allowing access to the site which features magazines and videos from the United Kingdom. I am posting this to an overseas server so do not believe these rules apply. As I contemplate the laws of Australia it is my estimation that it's the magazine itself rather than the cover that has been classified "R" Category 1 - and believe the status of the image above is possibly PG. It looks like some poor kid's mum anyway.

Under the conservative governments of John Howard and Kevin Rudd and in accordance with our on-line legislation in future (no doubt) the site will be blocked in Australia and can only be opened with a PIN number following a suitable identification check. I assume these PIN numbers will be obtained by obtaining an on-line "consent to view form" and having it signed by a medical practitioner, a registered teacher, a catholic priest - or possibly the New South Wales Minister for Police who until recently was Matt Brown (Wikipedia)

Brown was elected as Member for Kiama in 1999, representing the Australian Labor Party.[1] He was sworn in as Minister for Housing and Tourism on 2nd April 2007, and promoted to Minister for Police and Minister for the Illawarra on 8 September 2008. He resigned on 11 September 2008 after admitting to removing most of his clothing at a late-night party in his Parliament House office,[2][3] while denying other allegations he engaged in simulated mammary intercourse with Wollongong MP Noreen Hay.[4]

There is a colloquial term for "mammary intercourse" referred to in the caffeine fueled blog

Notable quote from the blog "We'll help you make smart and insightful decisions !

From NSW Hansard 4th December 2007

Mr MATT BROWN (Kiama—Minister for Housing, and Minister for Tourism) [9.51 p.m.]: The tourism industry has been looking forward to changes to the liquor laws for years. We have worked closely with those who work in tourism to ensure the changes increase visitors to regional New South Wales and support regional businesses. As tourism Minister, and a former small-business owner in regional New South Wales, I welcome the new liquor laws as do many others who are passionate about tourism. Phil Hele, for instance, a board member of Tourism New South Wales and founder of the Blue Tongue Brewery, said:

This is great for tourism and great for the tourism industry. It will clear the red tape and let small business get on with giving the customer what they want.

I'm all for giving the customer what they want !

I was bitterly disappointed to learn that Trevor ( in an overnight email ) frowns on visits to Amsterdam !