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NSW politics - newly elected Police Minister quits ! - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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NSW politics - newly elected Police Minister quits ! [Sep. 11th, 2008|06:37 am]
Bob Bain
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According to the Sydney Morning Herald today 11th. September 2008

Alex Tibbitts and Alexandra Smith

September 11, 2008

THE new NSW Police Minister, Matt Brown, has quit the state cabinet just three days after being promoted, as it emerged that he danced semi-naked and simulated a sex act with Wollongong MP Noreen Hay during a late-night party three months ago - a claim that Ms Hay has denied

It is understood the Premier, Nathan Rees, spoke to Mr Brown earlier yesterday evening and warned him his actions were inappropriate. But it later emerged that Mr Brown had not given full details of the incident to the Premier and once they became public the minister tendered his resignation.


The incident is believed to have occurred on budget night when Mr Brown held the housing and tourism portfolios.

Ms Hay denied Mr Brown had simulated a sex act upon her.

"That is absolutely untrue," she told the Herald last night. "Absolutely nothing untoward occurred and certainly when I was in that room with Matt Brown he was fully clothed."

The former police minister David Campbell in the former New South Wales government is now Minister for Transport and is as I understand it conducting personal spot checks on Sydney trains to determine if they are overcrowded or not. This as I understand it is a clandestine operation.

Reference: Sydney Morning Herald September 10th

Both he and Mr Rees insisted they would also become "mystery shoppers", making surprise calls to the Transport Infoline, riding trains and buses and not alerting a single train guard - or journalist.

"They won't know when I will pop up," Mr Campbell said.

A former highly respected Minister for Police, Public Transport and seemingly the downfall of Morris Iemma - Michael Costa left his portfolio as State Treasurer last week preceding the resignation of former Premier Morris Iemma.

Former Federal Treasurer Peter Costello has announced he will NOT be contesting the leadership of the Federal Liberal Party. I note he is addressing the Sydney Institute on October 1st. I may make a booking.

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