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No fairy tale for ‘child porn’ photographer - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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No fairy tale for ‘child porn’ photographer [Aug. 7th, 2008|09:43 am]
Bob Bain
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From Metro co uk

No fairy tale for ‘child porn’ photographer

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Marcus Phillips A photographer commissioned by a couple to take artistic nude shots of their young daughters landed in court because the photos were classed as child porn.

University tutor Dr Marcus Phillips was arrested when staff at Bonusprint alerted police after he took the photos in to be developed.

The images of the two girls, aged ten and 12, were deemed 'level one' child pornography, despite the parents commissioning the pictures and attending the shoot.

Phillips, a tutor at Sheffield University, ran a photography business in his spare time which specialised in turning pictures of clients – many of them women – into 'ethereal' images of fairies.

The parents' commission involved taking close-up shots of various parts of their daughters' bodies, which were then superimposed over each other to create the fairy images.

Phillips, 38, pleaded guilty to four counts of making indecent images of children last September and one count of possessing indecent images of children.

The father of three was sentenced to 150 hours community service by Judge Lawler QC, who told Sheffield Crown Court there was 'never a sexual motive'.

He said: 'You always acted properly and the parents were perfectly law-abiding, sensible people who cared for their children. It is clear there was no question of deriving sexual gratification from what you were doing.'