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Art Monthly cleared of being an indecent publication... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Art Monthly cleared of being an indecent publication... [Jul. 17th, 2008|03:09 pm]
Bob Bain
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From the Sydney Morning Herald today

Josephine Tovey
July 17, 2008 - 11:59AM

The father of the young girl who posed naked on the cover of an art magazine has welcomed the Classification Board's decision to approve the image as appropriate for publication.

The board reviewed the entire July edition of Art Monthly magazine, which featured a naked image of six-year-old Olympia Nelson on the cover, taken by her mother Pollixeni Papapetrou in 2003.

The board gave it an Unrestricted: M rating, which means it is suitable for publication, though discretion is advised for people under the age of 15.

Olympia's father, Robert Nelson, said his whole family felt vindicated by the decision, especially Olympia, who is now 11.

"I think she's feeling very happy because her argument has always been there's nothing wrong with the picture," he said. "The idea that it's pornographic is absurd."


Note: I have two copies of the magazine and am relieved that I am not in possession of CP for if I were I could be prosecuted and imprisoned had the decision been to classify the magazine "RC" - Refused Classification

Several members of the board did not agree with the final decision, arguing the magazine, which also featured other artworks involving sexually graphic material, should have been given a Refused Classification rating, which would have prevented it from being sold to anyone, a spokeswoman said.

"The minority was split on which images warranted the RC," Clare Bowdler from the Classification Board said. "Those included the cover image and several images inside the publication."

The magazine was censured by politicians from both sides of Parliament, including the Prime Minister, with some suggesting its funding by the Australia Council should be reviewed.


Fortunately the art work on page 35 wasn't considered. This consists of a sexy young lady standing alongside a seemingly male person with what appears to be a plastic bag over his head. (Lock it or Lose it, 2004 Liam Benson & Kanzee Patterson).

The article underneath by Craig Judd begins "One of my favourite pieces of minor arcana is that in London, on 24 January, 1565, a Richard Walweyn was arrested for wearing 'a very monstrous and outrageous great pair of hose'. Walwey's visibility and public performance of self-fashioning had threatened the social, economic and intellectual hierarchies of the day.

That was 1565. Fortunately we live in a liberated age of enlightenment and not the dark ages...subject to the approval of the current Government of Australia ( which some may argue doesn't appear to be enlightened at all....)