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Sunday - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Sunday [Jul. 13th, 2008|09:33 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Yesterday evening I commenced reading the book "In the Best Interests of the Child" by Hetty Johnston sent to me on extended loan by Mike Meloni who hosts the Somebody Think of the Children website.

After an introduction by Derryn Hinch who "served twelve days in prison, with one night at Melbourne's Pentridge Prison and the remainder of his term at the minimum-security Morwell River Prison Farm." (refer wikipedia link) for his broadcasts regarding sexual abuse by a Catholic priest he praises Hetty for her pursuit of the ex Governor General of Australia Peter Hollingworth.

"In 2001 allegations emerged in a civil case that Hollingworth had failed to act with compassion when confronted with stories of child abuse at an Anglican school in Toowoomba, Queensland. In the case the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane was ordered to pay a record $834,000 in damages to a former pupil who had suffered abuse at the school during 1990.

Following the case, in December 2001, the Courier-Mail newspaper reported calls from anti-child abuse campaigner Hetty Johnston for the resignation of Hollingworth as Governor-General." (wikipedia link)

Quotes from the book by Hetty Johnston include...

From the Introduction

"I see the media as akin to a seemingly harmless, sleeping serpent who effortlessly lulls us into forgetting its unpredictable and potentially fatal tendency to attack without warning. The media serpent can inflict its deadly poison without a moment's notice and, in a double whammy, it does so knowing that you will die without the life-saving antidote only it can provide." (page 2)

"When I see the powerful Statue of Liberty I always ponder that if we in Australia were ever to erect our own version, our own monument to freedom, the torch that is held heavenward should be replaced with a pen or newspaper. This would reflect the true guardian angel of democracy in our nation. Using history as a signpost, we certainly cannot rely on our political, business or religious leaders to expose the truth and defend our moral and civil rights ..." (page2)

From Chapter One "Childhood Innocence

"And shortly after, my sister and I were in the girls' change rooms at the Eastern Beach after having had a swim and we were talking with my sister's then best friend, Dennis. We were all taken by surprise when a fat man with red-hair and wearing a white T-shirt came into the change rooms, ranting and raving about the Bible and how we were somehow breaking it's rules. We were just primary school kids innocently talking and laughing with each other."

Hetty then seemingly describes how she had sex at an early age (seemingly with consent but without love) due in part (my understanding) from peer pressure. As a result of that it seems she became pregnant incurring the wrath of her parents.

His Holiness the Pope arrives in Sydney today. From the Sydney Morning Herald today.

Pope sorry for sins of clergy
Victor Simpson, Belinda Cranston and Rachel Browne
July 13, 2008

POPE Benedict said yesterday he wants to apologise to victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and wake up consciences on climate change during his pilgrimage in Australia.

The Pope said while flying to Sydney to begin a 10-day visit for World Youth Day that he would apologise to victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in Australia "just as I did in the United States" this year.

Less than an hour after his flight took off from Rome yesterday, the Pope walked back to the section where journalists sat and called on five to ask questions that had been submitted to the Vatican earlier in the week.

The Pope said he would address the problem of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

Earlier this week from news.com.au July 10, 2008 10:34pm

THE Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, has referred rape allegations against a former priest to an independent panel, including retired NSW Supreme Court Judge Bill Priestly.

Cardinal Pell has re-opened investigations into Father Terrence Goodall after phone taps recorded the convicted priest saying a sexual encounter with his adult victim Anthony Jones was not consensual, as he first claimed.

Meanwhile Sydney is hosting a major art event accompanied by investigations into innocent artistic photographs of children in a magazine devoted to Art. The Minister for the Arts Peter Garrett's name does not appear on any of the promotional literature I have seen.