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Bob Bain

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Thursday Morning [Jul. 10th, 2008|09:35 am]
Bob Bain
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According to Mom Logic Wednesday July 9, 2008

A seaside photo gracing the cover of a magazine creates a wave of controversy.

The image is located at http://www.momlogic.com/artmonthlyaustrailia.jpg

I note the image on the cover is now hosted around the globe including websites of British newspapers. If the Classification Board deem this to be "Refused Classification" it would mean that numerous publications (some of them quite eminent and reputable ) will have their websites listed on Senator Conroy's BLACKLIST

This is one of the problems with mandatory ISP level filtering !

Meanwhile the Sydney Morning Herald has an article by Aaron Timms (July 9th. 2008) which suggests that middle aged vulnerable politicians are deserving of protection.

FIRST it was the Bill Henson kids sinking the boot in. Now Olympia Nelson, 11, has launched her own stinging attack on the "art ignoramus" running the country.

As the fallout from this latest attack continues, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: it's time for children to lay off Kevin Rudd. The man is not in a position to defend himself.

Nor should he have to. The protection of middle-aged men, especially politicians, is one of the most sacrosanct elements of our social compact.

Rudd has done an excellent job maintaining his dignity in the face of multiple, juvenile attacks. But in his retreat to the false comfort of an emissions trading scheme and his constant, almost Pavlovian references to the Garnaut report ("Art Monthly Australia asked me to pose nude for the cover of their next issue, but I said I would have to wait until Professor Garnaut releases his final report before coming to a decision."), it's hard not to perceive the shadow of some deeper, darker abuse.

Some adult male protection advocates have even suggested Rudd may have received coaching for recent media performances from his own children - a revolting thought. If children have something to say, they should say it themselves.

Either way, these developments provide yet more evidence of the increased sexualisation of middle-aged politicians in Australia. The modern trend began in 1986, when Henson photographed Malcolm Fraser pantsless at the Admiral Benbow Inn in Memphis, and has only intensified since. From Alexander Downer's collision with a pair of fishnet stockings to Troy Buswell's manipulation at the hands of a renegade band of chair pornographers, the annals of Australian politics are filled with examples of the most pitiful, scandalous exploitation of defenceless adult men.

To say that middle-aged men deserve better is to say no more than the obvious: middle-aged men are sacred. For many men, middle age is a time of unalloyed delight and wonderment at the world, a golden age of unbridled salivation and unpredictable, no-strings-attached urinary flow. By press ganging our men into service as political foot soldiers in the art-porn debate, the children of this country will do lasting, perhaps irreversible, damage to the fragile balance of financial bombast and prostate pain that does so much to make middle age such a special period in the life of a man.

Fifty-year-old male politicians deserve to have the innocence of their political careers protected. They deserve to enjoy the fruits of those careers - the raucous nights on the Central Coast, the trips to Scores, the expletive-laden appearances at state party conferences - unhindered by the posturing and politicking of this country's children. There is a time for people to make independent, informed choices about the direction they would like to take their lives in. That time is not when they are in their 50s and in the middle of a political career.

For God's sake, let's just allow middle-aged male politicians to be middle-aged male politicians.


be careful with the profanity Aaron (is that a Hebrew name ?) His Holiness the Pope arrives on Sunday ( even the rail unions have caved in and apologised and called off their proposed industrial action )


From Wikipedia link above:- He (John Fahey) was appointed Premier of New South Wales in June 1992, after his predecessor Nick Greiner was forced to resign as a result of an ICAC investigation

From: (Anonymous)
2008-07-10 02:57 am (UTC)

Worth a thousand words....

Link to interesting video about Bill Henson's photographic work:

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