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Leave children out of the children-in-art debate: Rudd - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Leave children out of the children-in-art debate: Rudd [Jul. 8th, 2008|02:25 pm]
Bob Bain
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From the ABC on-line 3 hours ago

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is standing by his comments about using children in art or to make political points.

Naked photos of a six-year-old girl feature in the July edition of Art Monthly magazine and Mr Rudd says he cannot stand the pictures.

The girl, Olympia Nelson, who is now 11, says she is offended by the Prime Minister's reaction.

But Mr Rudd is standing by his comments and has warned against allowing children to speak out on the issue.

"If people want to make a political point in opposition to me, I don't think it's right they use underage children to make that point," he said.

"They can engage the political debate as much as they want, it's a free country, but when it comes to protection of children, that should be a foremost responsibility for each of us."


old motto: children should be seen and not heard ?

From The Monthly October 2006 Kevin Rudd Faith in Politics

2. Vote for me because I'm Christian, and because I have a defined set of views on a narrowly defined set of questions concerning sexual morality. Regrettably, this model has an increasing number of supporters within the broader Christian community. Such supporters tend to read down, rather than read up, the ethical teachings of the New Testament, producing a narrow tick-the-box approach to passing a so-called Christian morals test. These tests tend to emphasise questions of sexuality and sexual behaviour. I see very little evidence that this pre-occupation with sexual morality is consistent with the spirit and content of the Gospels. For example, there is no evidence of Jesus of Nazareth expressly preaching against homosexuality. In contrast, there is considerable evidence of the Nazarene preaching against poverty and the indifference of the rich.

3. Vote for me because I am a Christian, vote for me because I have a defined set of views on questions of private sexual morality, and vote for me also because I chant the political mantra of "family values". That is, take models number one and two and add to them the tag of "family values". Regrettably, that term has become one of the most used and abused terms in the Australian political lexicon. The concept of "family values" it involves is invariably a narrow one, and invariably leaves to one side the ability of working families to survive financially.

Hypocrite !

What I am hearing is that the young regard Kevin Rudd as being an old fart and a wowser. Some of these youngsters may be asked to re-elect you Mr. Rudd. You might wish to canvass the views of the young and listen to what they think rather than attempting to stifle their freedom of speech !

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