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Bob Bain

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South Korea [Jun. 23rd, 2008|09:51 am]
Bob Bain
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From The Register September 2003 World's biggest Luddite to retire

Farewell Senator Alston
By Tim Richardson
Published Monday 29th September 2003 10:40 GMT

There's shock and bewilderment today following news that Australia's Senator Richard Alston, (61) the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, is to retire.

Confirmation of the imminent departure of the World's biggest Luddite was announced today by Aussie PM John Howard.


But where did it all start? Back in 2001 The Register ran a story in which it was suggested that Senator Alston "may be the greatest luddite the world has ever seen, which is particularly ironic because he happens the be the minister for Communications, Information Technology and The Arts for the Australian government."

It went on: "Rich is behind a number of proposals in Australia that would seem to point to an overwhelming miscomprehension of the Internet. He also appears to view himself as a moral crusader in which he will cleanse Australia while the rest of the world descends into hell."

This assessment was based on the facts that Senator Alston wanted to introduce a law to make online gambling illegal. He also wanted to make forwarding email a crime.

Six months later he was at it again when he rubbished a proposal to roll-out broadband across the country describing it as a "costly waste of time".

Then there was his take on broadband and pornography, and how South Korea had become a leader in high-speed Net access.

He told one reporter: "Well for example, people will tell you that pornography is one of the major reasons why there's been a high take-up rate in South Korea. I haven't confirmed that at first instance but I've been there, I've looked at what's happening."

And in 2005 from the San Francisco Chronicle

Pick up your mobile phone and watch your favorite TV show. At home, on your computer, download a feature-length movie in no time at all. If you live in South Korea, it is an everyday reality to have always-on superfast Internet -- broadband -- both in your cell phone and in your home. South Korea is the most wired country on the planet. Some South Koreans can get up to 20 megabits of data per second -- breakneck speed by today's standards. Americans are lucky if they get 4 Mbps. While South Korea leads in the rollout of broadband, the United States --

supposedly the world's technology leader -- comes in no better than No. 13, according to experts...


South Korea has FTTH (Fibre to the Home) while Australia struggles towards FTTN (Fibre to the Node) and as far as liberating technology is concerned I find it in the devices which bring me Digital TV (Liberated) such as Topfield and Beyonwiz (Australia)

Reference Wikipeda Electronics Companies of South Korea - and a variety of gizmos and gadgets that help rather than hinder the free flow of information - much of it with it's origins in Korea.

"The further expansion of the Internet Economy will bolster the free flow of information, freedom of expression, and protection of individual liberties, as critical components of a democratic society and cultural diversity." - The Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy - June 18th. 2008