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House of Lords: UK Youth Parliament event - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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House of Lords: UK Youth Parliament event [Jun. 14th, 2008|12:59 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

From the "House of Lords" YouTube channel

View the highlights of the UK Youth Parliament debates which took place in the Lords Chamber on 2 May 2008

Why is it the young guy in the wheelchair reminds me of a scene from the movie "Dr. Strangelove" ?

Hey they all appear to want something for nothing .....

From the LORDS OF THE BLOG blog..

Lords of the Blog is a collaborative blog written by Members of the House of Lords for the purposes of public engagement. The aim of the blog is to help educate, raise awareness and engage with the public on a range of issues relating to the role and business of the House of Lords. The blog is authored by a group of Members from across the House. Each Member has their own profile and personal section of the blog. A ‘homepage’ provides an at-a-glance digest of the latest post from each Member. Each Member will make a regular and short written entry providing an insight into the business of the House of Lords, and their own particular activity in and around the Lords Chamber.