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Thursday morning... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Thursday morning... [Jun. 12th, 2008|10:45 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |busybusy]

Later today I will attend the public forum being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation Hall mentioned in my earlier posting.

According to Melon Farmer's (UK) - Censorship in Australia Page it is suggested there is a fee.

Open to the public. Entry by donation (donations to cover costs of holding the forum)

I just rang the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE VISUAL ARTS who are hosting the event and as I understand it there is no fee or donation and people wishing to attend the event should arrange to be at the entrance to the MCA at 5.30 and enter via the front door and turn left into the Foundation Hall where the seating is being arranged for an event of this type.

From the NAVA campaigns page there is a link to New Directions for the Arts (pdf) ALP policy platform (pdf) Peter Garrett MP Shadow Minister for the Arts September 2007.

I had a meeting with my NEIS mentor yesterday and have been given the "go ahead" for my continuance in the program. While I was in the foyer I rang a number that was listed on my caller ID telephone to find out who called me on May 27th. It turned out to be my artist friend from the NEIS program who took me to the Museum for Contemporary Art on field trip a few months back to explain the ideas behind his business proposal to NEIS - which centered around "Art in the Pub" which wasn't entirely understood by those attending the NEIS program. He suggested I call him this evening and I mentioned the event at the MCA to which he asked if it related to the "recent Bill henson issue" and I explained that it was. I suggested he might like to attend but he is seemingly having guests for dinner this evening.

On Tuesday I attended the government's e-security event at 280 Pitt Street and I quote from my posting to the "No Censorship" forum on this

------------------ start of report --------------


The most interesting speaker was James McCormack who "manages High Tech and Operations within in the Federal Police". He is listed as the director of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre



Reporting structure The Director of the AHTCC is Mr James McCormack

.. and as such was seemingly either in charge of - or was involved in the recent investigations relating to recent pedophile raids in Australia which I believe (from the news) were traced back to a web
site in Croatia.

As I understand it from his talk 60% of on-line crime can be traced back to the Russian Business Network and Eastern Europe.



"The Russian Business Network (commonly abbreviated as RBN) is a multi-faceted cybercrime organization, specializing in and in some cases monopolizing personal identity theft for resale. It is the originator of MPack (software) and the operator of the Storm botnet. The RBN, which is notorious for its hosting of illegal and dubious businesses, originated as an Internet Service Provider for child pornography, phishing, spam, and malware distribution physically based in St. Petersburg Russia. More recently it has developed partner and affiliate marketing techniques in many countries to provide a method for organized crime to target victims internationally."


If I am to understand correctly the RBN are THE Internet Mafia and presumably the subject of the concerns expressed by Senator Conroy in his recent speech at the Sydney Institute. Someone had the nerve to ask him about one of the staff at the Australian High Tech Crime Centre who was allegedly involved and charged in relation to the recent raids. Mr. McCormack noted that within 30 minutes of being alerted to involvement by one of their staff a warrant for his arrest was issued within 30 minutes.

Some of the material published in the media told how child porn finds it's way into everything from mobile phones to X-Boxes.

It appears these can be locked according to the rating standards of Australia and leaflets from Microsoft point to http://www.xbox.com.au/family

I have some interesting postcards from the Australian Government featuring a nude male in orange and black socks with a laptop perched where his penis would be if he had his clothes on and another of a young female with a look of horror on her face which asks the question..

Is she ..

a) Realising her business records have been accessed illegally ?

- or -

b) Cursing herself for not installing security software earlier ?

- or -

c) Seeing a photo of herself on facebook.

After perusal I have come to the conclusion that she has concerns that she has inherited her laptop from the guy next door who types in the nude with a laptop on his penis.

Who wouldn't be ?

There's also a picture of a business woman with the same laptop and from the look of her legs (very sexy) I figure she is possibly one of those business women who advertise in the back pages of the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

She has seemingly inherited the laptop from the nude guy with the orange and black socks...

------------------ end of report --------------

Yesterday I attended an ACS event at 280 Pitt Street again. This was about Web 2.0 and it's commercial counterpart Enterprise 2.0. Some very interesting issues were examined including the power of the Internet with regards to social networking and interaction. It was even hinted that government may become more accountable to the people as a result.

I thank Trevor for his comments with regards to June 11th and note some +A type bongo which seems to occur on computer systems. Oh they were holding a Kabbalah meeting in the next room. I pinched some of their cheese and biscuits.