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Bob Carr on the conservatives in Canberra... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Bob Carr on the conservatives in Canberra... [Jun. 7th, 2008|08:06 pm]
Bob Bain
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From my final days in the ANU Link List attempting to discuss censorship...

Bob Carr [Premier of New South Wales] from the ANU Link List 2003 (Bob Bain)

Bob Carr was on the right track when he made this statement :-"I think it's appropriate that someone say in 2003 (someone in theAustralian political system) that we hope that we're not going back to the days when you had police devoting their time to taking books outof bookshops, to collecting reels of film from cinemas, and to charging into a theatre and closing down a drama. We don't want to goback to those days !

This file "carrcensorship.zip" is intended to have a limited distribution and is for discussion of censorship matters andreproduced under provisions of the Copyright Act...The password is "censor".

I note from shifting things from a) to b) this morning that I have still have this recording although it's no longer on Shaz's site. I no longer have an account on Shaz's website SOXKAT COM

It is marked The World Today (ABC) 13th May 2002

His statements are pertinent today. He was very very emphatic on the issue.

Mr Carr refers to very conservative people in Canberra.

Sox the Kat

Sox spent 3 months outside in 1996 when one of his people died. He saw the whole thing and ran away and I saw him watching but no-one could catch him. The police, the Air Force, the neighbours, and the people who gave him to me tried in vain for months to catch him. Eventually on easter he turned up at a neighbour's house for a steak. He was fat and furry. I think he was living on dog food because a few neighbours said he was still hanging around. He is happy now to be back in a house and with his person.

"one of his people" died .. and very dramatically from what I recall