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More on the Henson issue.. - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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More on the Henson issue.. [Jun. 4th, 2008|02:04 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |peacefulpeaceful]

From Scopical 4th. June (prior to the exhibiton)

by Mathew Lybock

A second 'child porn' art exhibition has gone ahead in Melbourne, with the artist saying it was arranged in protest against the treatment of photographer Bill Henson. Up to 20 images produced by Mr Henson were last month seized by police pending investigation into child pornography and indecency laws. The images depict nude teenagers, with police acting on complaints from the public.

... and the result

From NEWS.com.au June 04, 2008 06:00am this morning..

DETECTIVES cleared a provocative photographic display of naked children that opened in Melbourne last night. Two plainclothes officers sat through a 10-minute projection of images by artist Victoria Larielle. The show, entitled "I am not a pornographer nor a pedophile but an artist", was held in the city's Loop Bar.

Acting Sgt Tony Richardson said no action would be taken after the detectives decided the images were not pornographic. Ms Larielle appeared unaware of the police presence. "I thought it might happen. But I didn't see what would be offensive," she said. The show opened just weeks after police raided a Sydney gallery and seized images of naked youths by Melbourne photographer Bill Henson. Ms Larielle said the furore over Mr Henson's images moved her to display the pictures. She said her child subjects were "artistically aware" participants. The exhibition features 30 black and white pictures of a boy and a girl, both aged 11. The images, taken in 2001, were projected on to a wall in a sequence and set to music.

Under the Crimes Act, images that depict minors either engaged in sexual activity or in an indecent sexual manner are considered pornographic.

Guests at last night's show praised the images.

"It's very innocent. There is no suggestion of sexuality. It's like a home movie," said Sebastian Arnold, of Footscray.

Vida Gaidalas, of North Coburg, said she supported the show out of principle.

"I'm enraged at what has happened to Bill Henson."


I am feeling better after flagging my previous entry as mood "sick" - I fainted and collapsed and lay unable to move on the bathroom floor but later revived - and with food in my stomach and some gentle relaxation was back with the living - even making a trip to Parramatta - and then lobbying three ministers of the government as requested by my NEIS provider