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Catharine Lumby regarding "The Porn Report" (as understood by myself).. - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Catharine Lumby regarding "The Porn Report" (as understood by myself).. [May. 20th, 2008|09:31 pm]
Bob Bain
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Regarding the talk by Catharine Lumby regarding "The Porn Report" mentioned by Mike Meloni...


A few points.

The podcast of the talk should be on the Sydney Institute Site tomorrow.

It was recorded for use by the ABC (primarily intended as a "webcast" but also seemingly intended for broadcast purposes on ABC2 at some time in the future).

I briefly asked Ms. Lumby (after the talk) when the ABC were broadcasting it but she admitted that she wasn't even aware it was being recorded for use by the ABC. I asked the vidoegrapher about this. She said it was primarily intended for use in a "webcast" and as far as she knows it will be broadcast on ABC2 possibly in a new program series not yet announced. She said she is a freelance photographer and is not directly employed by the ABC. "Look for it in the program listings in the coming week or so."

With regards to my questions earlier regarding the "sample survey" as I understand it this was dictated by the rules of the University, so it was not possible to ask anyone and everyone.

Is Ms. Lumby aware of a black market in Sydney in such material ?

The answer appeared to be yes and she added that she didn't know what arrangements might be in place between the adult industry and the police but she frowned on them.

She appeared to agree with Senator Conroy with regards to

a) The "mobile phone" issue raised by Senator Conroy

and with

b) concerns expressed by parents with regards to exposure of young
children to explicit sexual content.

.. but didn't seem to approve of mandatory internet filtering.

She expressed concerns about "child abuse material" and "rape videos" (of which there have been quite a few on sale in Sydney over the years). There is prohibition with regards to the sale of child pornography but not with respect to rape videos - which if I am to understand officers of the OFLC and the Commonwealth Ombudsman's Department are not deemed offensive enough to be reported to the police.

A person from Norway discussed issues of violence in an academic manner pointing out that surveys had been done in Norway which indicated that violence was something in the human psyche and that although people sought out such material it was purely fantasy and it didn't inflict on the personal behaviour.

With regards to child abuse material Ms. Lumby mentioned that in the 18th century children were sent down coal mines to work and it was only in the 20th century that the issue of child abuse material has become an issue.

She admitted that she has enough penises in her household as she has a husband (who seemingly has one) and a number of children who also appear to have them.

Issues relating to the Northern Territory Intervention were raised (listen to the podcast).

The audience were mostly mature. In the elevator on the way down a mature lady commented that she was surprised that 33% of Australians had viewed porn and expressed an off-the-cuff opinion that she thought it would be higher than that. It was noted that many people booked in for the event failed to turn up. I noted that name of at least one journalist on the name tags. If that journalist was present his presence wasn't apparent.

I enjoyed CeBit and am reminded by the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (I am a member) that I am booked in for a free seminar tomorrow at lunch time.

If that is the case I may head back to CeBit as there were quite a a few interesting stands.

The talk by Catharine Lumby should be on the Sydney Institute website tomorrow.

I note that the Link List Archives are back on-line so I guess there was a technical glitch. I am paranoid with regards to censorship issues :-)