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Ron Robinson and the illegal trade in Blacktown and St. Marys - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Ron Robinson and the illegal trade in Blacktown and St. Marys [May. 7th, 2008|09:42 am]
Bob Bain
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Eros Association....

Thursday, 01 May 2008

NSW police have raided a number of adult shops in Blacktown and St Marys over the last week, ostensibly looking for X18+ videos and DVDs. It is illegal to sell films that have been classified X18+ by the Federal government, in NSW. Most people do not know that non-violent, sexually explicit films showing consenting adults, are illegal to sell in NSW or any of the Australian states for that matter.

It is estimated that up to 50 police officers spent at least 10 hours each performing these raids and that at least another 200 police hours will be spent on classifying and processing the thousands of DVDs that were seized. Approximately 30 robberies and a dozen assaults would have taken place in the Blacktown and St Mary’s precincts during the time that these raids were enacted. A poll of public opinion concerning where the police should be placing their attention in these matters, would overwhelmingly come down on the side of the robberies and assaults. Anyone who has ever been burgled or subjected to an assault will know of the frustration in having to wait sometimes hours for a police officer to attend.

The Eros Association comments...

The Board’s Community Liaison Officer, Ron Robertson, is supposed to go around and visit retailers and inform them if they are selling material outside of the law. Instead, he now takes it upon himself to encourage state police to waste their time busting adult retailers for selling x18+ films that his own Board has classified! If this sounds like bureaucracy gone mad, you’re right. The NSW Attorney General should get out and about and talk to a few of the 30% of the state’s adults who regularly buy and watch X18+ films. And the Federal censorship Minister, ( former NSW Attorney General) Bob Debus, needs to have a serious talk to all state Attorneys about the massive waste of police resources in each state on policing the sale of adult films

Ah... I have met Mr. Robinson when I visited the former OFLC (22nd. December 2002) on the suggestion of the Hon Bob Debus to the Hon Jackie Kelly MP. Mr. Robinson seemed unsure what he was supposed to do but did note it was "strange how items like this appear from time to time". I later met with Ms. Barbara Vosoba (January 23rd.2003) as Mr. Robinson was "on hols and unavailable". The ex Federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock informed me that a) he believed CLOs did in fact perform these duties and then b) denied that it was a function of the Federal Attorney General's Department.

I haven't seen anything in the local press on this despite the fact it seemingly happened over a week ago.

Police raids in St. Marys are unprecedented....

As far as I know the name is Robinson (not Robertson) unless Mr. Robinson resigned.