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Howard Women run from Hubbies.. - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Howard Women run from Hubbies.. [Mar. 30th, 2008|08:09 am]
Bob Bain
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Daily Telegraph March 26th. 2008

By Brad Watts and Malcolm Farr

March 26, 2008 12:00am

THE women caught up in the Lindsay leaflet allegations spoke out yesterday as police prepared to lay charges against five men - including their husbands. Jackie Kelly, the former Liberal MP for Lindsay, and Karen Chijoff, who had hoped to replace her, wanted no part of the controversy.

"I have no comment to make about my husband. I don't have to, I'm not in public life," Ms Kelly told The Daily Telegraph.

[ Bob's note: At the time the incident took place the Hon Jackie Kelly was a Federal Member of Parliament and as such involved in the political process ]

At issue is the distribution of allegedly fake leaflets just before the November 24 election. The leaflets claimed to be from an Islamic group - which did not exist - and said the ALP wanted to forgive the Bali bombers.
The men will not be interviewed by police and will be summonsed to appear in court on April 21. They face fines of up to $1000.

Link to Wikipedia Image of the flyer deemed to be published under Fair Use Policy of the Copyright Act..

Links back to Wikipedia article on the incident..

The fallout at the DEN Employment Network resulted in a controversial exchange which had to be toned down by Don of DEN - with at least one person walking out in disgust.

As I'm no longer with DEN (having been accepted into NEIS) there's no "job search" groups to attend. Don moved on and now works in the upper section of Queen Street St. Mary's. Tomorrow is the end of the first (part) month of NEIS. I am making headway even if I have no clients but then I haven't budgeted for revenue until later in the year.