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NEIS Mentor visit - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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NEIS Mentor visit [Mar. 17th, 2008|07:40 pm]
Bob Bain
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As I am now being paid under a NEIS agreement rather than NewStart (the "dole") today was the day a mentor came to visit me "at the premises". This was the person who accepted my application for participation in NEIS training (along with the NEIS board) and the person on the panel who approved my business plan for NEIS. There is only one Mentor visit to the "place of business". All other mentor visits will be conducted at the NEIS premises in Penrith.

I now have a company, a .com.au domain and a website at that domain (the address of which I won't publish here).

I have been accepted into the MYOB Professional Partner's program which means I obtain the entire suite of MYOB retail products for $492 (a cost of "the company"). I will use MYOB for the bookkeeping of the Company and also a vehicle in which I can test my "business idea". As I need to learn MYOB I haven't projected any revenue in my business plan until later in the year and even then it is just sufficient to cover the requirements of NEIS.

The last Centrelink payment was made a few days ago and the first NEIS payment should take place this Thursday.

On the 25th of this month I will turn 64 years of age. On the 2nd April Mum (had she lived) would have turned 99 years old and retrospectively if Dad had lived to September 29th. 2007 he would have been 100 years old on that day.

The Beatles sang a song about turning 64. I note from the news that Paul McCartney appears to be somewhat richer than me (sigh) and that a small portion of his wealth ( some 20 odd million quid ) may go to his estranged wife and if I read correctly this is only a fraction of what he is worth.

I should have learned to play the guitar, write songs and sing.

this is a censorship free posting :-)