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Tuesday lunchtime... - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Tuesday lunchtime... [Mar. 11th, 2008|11:50 am]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

On February 15th. I wrote:-

I have completed a Business Plan and successfully obtained a Certificate IV in Small Business Management....David Bradbury (MP) regretted he was uanble to attend the presentation of the Certificate IV (something that Jackie Kelly seemingly used to delight in).

I note that Monday 18th February David made his maiden speech in the Federal Parliament. Not bad ! Not bad at all !

Speech currently documented in The Asian Tribune

Given below the first speech to Parliament on 18 February, of David Bradbury MP, Member for Lindsay (NSW) :

It is with great honour that I rise to speak for the first time in this House. In doing so, I wish to acknowledge the trust that the people of Lindsay have invested in me. Bounded at the east by Ropes Creek and South Creek, the Lindsay electorate extends across the Cumberland plain and the majestic Nepean River to the foothills of the Blue Mountains. At its northern boundary is Castlereagh, one of the historic Macquarie towns, and at its southern boundary is Mulgoa, named after the local Dharug tribe that once inhabited those parts. Wholly situated within the city of Penrith, the Lindsay electorate is part of a community that I have proudly served as a councillor and a former mayor for almost nine years. In this time, I have come to the clear and unmistakable conclusion that the greatest asset of this community is its people—hard working, generous, passionate and enterprising.

Apart from being the place where my wife and I are raising our four young children, this is the place where my ancestors first settled in this country. Around 170 years ago, my great-grandfather’s grandfather Walter Bradbury settled in the Penrith area. He had travelled to the new colony on convict escort duty as a member of the 80th Regiment of Foot, Staffordshire Volunteers. In 1843, Walter came to local prominence when, as a constable posted at Penrith, he was granted a substantial reward from the Governor for apprehending a group of deserters armed with muskets from the 99th Regiment at Parramatta. Acting on a secret tip-off, he apprehended a group of rogue elements who had been threatening the peace and order of the local community by engaging in despicable and clandestine acts. These events bear a striking resemblance to the events that took place in Lindsay in the final days of the 2007 election campaign.


I am attending NIA and ACS events (which form part of my business plan). This evening I'm attending the Nepean NIA Discussion Group (which is near David's newly opened office). Tomorrow evening it's an ACS event in the CBD (City of Sydney) regarding "Teleworking" (which is something that might be useful to me). I saw the GP last week and finally got around to asking for anti-cholesterol medication. I should have done this earlier. Perhaps my eminent physicians should have suggested a cholesterol check sometime back in the year 2002. It's on the high side of "normal" (and seemingly lower than Trevor's) but...