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Judge Michael Kirby at IIA Gala:Parable 4B on Net Regulation - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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Judge Michael Kirby at IIA Gala:Parable 4B on Net Regulation [Mar. 9th, 2008|05:24 pm]
Bob Bain
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Australian High Court Judge, Justice Michael Kirby, delivered a powerful, funny and instructive speech to the Annual Gala Dinner of the Internet Industry Association on 21 February 2008. www.iia.net.au

Entitled "Four Parables", the senior judge provides a colourful slant on problems in regulating the Internet before 500 representatives and regulators of the Internet Industry including the Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy.

References to Alan Turing are noted.

Senator Conroy (link to IIA video)....

Senator Stephen Conroy as Minister for Broadband Communications & the Digital Economy outlines some of the goals the Government has for the internet industry and some programs it would be implementing. In addition to a major broadband roll-out throughout Australia, he discussed the importance of education in protecting children online as well as his commitment to consult with the industry on mandatory ISP filtering.


End of Speech


Stephen. Thank you for that address. .. um I'm sure that this is an issue that we will continue to engage constructively with you throughout the period ahead and in fact the board of the IIA (the newly constituted board after today's AGM) met shortly and considered the issue of engagement and I think we're heartened by your comments about taking a considered approach and an informed approach and it will certainly be our um mission to provide you with the information to be considered, and in recognition of your new role as Minister - in taking on this important issue we have a small award for you here ....

(silence as {cowboy) hat and (sheriff's) star are produced...)

Ha ha ha (mubles from the audience 'sheriff') ha ha

oh right fantastic !

Thanks very much ...

Senator Conroy leaves [stage right} wearing large hat and star...