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More interesting mail from Reader's Digest - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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More interesting mail from Reader's Digest [Mar. 7th, 2008|08:07 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]

EASTER EGG HUNT (Reader's Digest Beta)...

Find the 4 Bonus eggs hidden in the website to win an Easter Basket valued at $30.00*. The 10th & the 100th person to find the 4 bonus easter eggs and complete the sentence each day will win! Follow the clues below to help you find the eggs now!

TIP: If you spot the bunny foot prints you know you’re on the right track

Golden Egg Hunt open to Australian residents only. Limit one entry per person per weekly draw. The "Instant Weekly Cash Giveaway" is open to Australian & New Zealand residents. How the “Golden Easter Egg Hunt” works: This prize scheme will be promoted throughout Australia and opens 26/02/08, 04/03/08, 11/03/08, 18/03/08, 25/03/08 at 10:00am AEST February 2008. Entries close on 26/02/08, 04/03/08, 11/03/08, 18/03/08, 25/03/08, 01/04/08 at 10:00am AEST. Competition ends on 26th March 2008. The prizes will be drawn at KPMG, 10 Shelley Street, Sydney on 27/02/08, 05/03/08, 12/03/08, 19/03/08, 26/03/08, 02/04/08 at 3:00pm AEST.
*Bonus Egg Hunt open to Australian residents only. Limit one entry per person per day. Close date 26/03/08.


You’ve found the PURPLE Egg!
You’re one step closer to winning your Easter Basket!
Quickly write down the keyword shown below now


ok I give up ! I can't find the other three so I'll check out the "joke of the day"

I had my four-year-old granddaughter Zoey with me while I was shopping for a swimsuit for an upcoming cruise. While I sorted through one section of the rack, she sorted through the other. Within a few minutes she had selected a swimsuit.

“Grandma, here is one for you,” she proudly declared.

“Oh, no, Zoey,” I said as I looked at the somewhat skimpy bikini she held up.

“Grandma needs a one-piece.”

“OK, Grandma,” she replied as she separated the top from the bottom, “which piece do you want?”
-- Kathy Bevans