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ACCC inquiry into grocery prices (following up on previous posting - Senator Kate Lundy) - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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ACCC inquiry into grocery prices (following up on previous posting - Senator Kate Lundy) [Feb. 26th, 2008|11:34 pm]
Bob Bain
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ACCC inquiry into grocery prices (link)

The Australian Government has directed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to hold a public inquiry into the competitiveness of grocery prices in Australia.

The ACCC will be distributing an Issues Paper shortly on matters relevant to the inquiry and will call for public submissions particularly to address issues raised in the paper.


Information about the inquiry will be available on the ACCC website.
The inquiry is due to report to the Government by 31 July 2008.

Baked Beans have risen in price by 22% over a six month period. By the time the ACCC reports to the government the price could well have risen by another 22% ... meaning a Baked Bean inflation figure for a calendar year of close to 50%.

From The 7.30 report 11th. July 2007

PETER COSTELLO, TREASURER: Because prices are already being monitored. The Australian Bureau of Statistics collects prices for food and groceries and publishes them on a website for every major capital city and has been doing it for decades. It looks like Kevin Rudd is completely unaware of this. He seems to think this is a new idea, but if you go onto the ABS's website, on a quarterly basis, you can find out for every capital city, what the price was of milk, bread, baked beans, biscuits. Kevin Rudd has announced that he wants to do something that has been going on for decades.

Still it's not as bad as Zimbabwe ( The Times On-line May 18th. 2007 )

A single brick now costs what ten years ago would have bought a mansion in the capital’s upmarket areas. This week the cost of postage stamps went up 600 per cent. In the confusion over the value of anything, two cans of baked beans and a bottle of beer will also provide three months’ subscription to the Harare Club, the city’s elite gentlemen’s club that has reciprocity with most of London’s main clubs.

WOW ! Baked Beans are upmarket in Zimbabwe, but honestly who want's to trade two cans of baked beans for three months subscription to a "gentleman's club" in Harare ?

my sympathies to Tom and all that knew and loved him