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End of Week.. - bobb's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bob Bain

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End of Week.. [Feb. 22nd, 2008|07:42 pm]
Bob Bain
[Current Mood |dirtydirty]

I'll start of with a link to an article in the Age newspaper...

Barney Zwartz
February 18, 2008

A FLYER promising "the best sex you'll ever have" wouldn't normally lead straight to church, but that's the invitation 25,000 households around Eltham and Montmorency received last week.

Last night Riverside Church launched a four-week series on sex, marriage, adultery and pornography.

The flyer features two pairs of feet — belonging to Riverside pastor Andrew Newbold and his wife Megan — protruding from under the sheets. It says sex is supposed to be fun, so why does it feel like everyone else is having all the fun? It's not supposed to leave you feeling guilty, frustrated or empty.


uh huh... I checked this out. Yup there is a Riverside Church and it's on the net..


At the moment it reads "The best sex you'll ever have" Starts Sunday Feb 17 at 5 pm and then invites people "click here to enter" or sign up for a newsletter.

(as many people realise I'm not into this sort of stuff - although I do do censorship)

Worrying for a moment that this might get caught up in Senator Conroy's crusade against this sort of thing I discover the church's mission at http://www.riverside.org.au/riverside.html.


As I signed the document on Tuesday morning (NEIS) and knowing I have to follow through on my "Business Plan" exactly as accepted and approved by the government I today created a Private Company of which I am both a Director and a Shareholder. I have printed out the ASIC registration and framed it. I also applied on-line for an ABN (Australian Business Number) and a TFN .. so now I have both an ACN (Australian Company Number) and an Australian Business Number (ABN). I guess the TFN for the company arrives in the mail from the ATO (Australian Tax Office). It's necessary to have an ABN or an ACN to create a .com.au website. I'll leave that for later. Next week I need to set about setting up a business bank account. I have to have these things as sometime in March a man representing the government is set to knock on my door and ask to inspect my home based business premises and make sure I'm complying with the terms of the agreement which cannot deviate from the plan agreed to between myself and them.

Lastly I thank KPD for the email containing a link to piccies of KPD (smiling the bugger) and his lady friend featuring the ACE cap - no doubt designed and constructed by acelightning