December 5th, 2010


Quick pre Xmas notes

It's been a tiring week. I spent some time in the "Garden of Eden" at Theosophy House in Keith Howe's FoodOsophy course. Next Thursday the folk at the Theosophical Society are holding a feast in the "Garden of Eden". We have spent three weeks determining the types of food that should be included in this feast and the "restrictions" we should place upon the consumption thereof. I suggested "No Gobbling, No Spitting" and various other restrictions but these were considered too harsh.

I explained that I couldn't be there personally for the feast in the "Garden of Eden" as I'm attending a Christmas party function at the Penrith Bowling Club with the Penrith Valley Home Based Business Network. In any case the Theosophical Society of which I am now a member (Diploma framed) are holding a Christmas feast with possibly less primitive forms of food on Wednesday.

I am attending The Premier's Concert on Tuesday and no doubt will toddle along to the "Open Forum" in Chippendale on Wednesday to listen to a kiwi who spends half his time at Moscow University.

I have created a domain for my painter friend in the Blue Mountains (the content is his, created with Mickysoft Word and uploaded to the site in exchange for a Chinese meal)

ARTCEPT hosted by me

Robert (Bob) Bain on WHOHUB
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