November 19th, 2010


Remembering departed relatives (Funeral said to be Friday)

On January 15th 2007 in this Live Journal Entry (click here) I wrote:-

We also visited Auntie Gert's house on Canvey Island (Auntie Gert being Sandra's mum) - Gertrude Lee. These were the Prebbles and/or the Hidsons. Whenever I was taken to Auntie Gert's she served up fish with a sauce I wasn't too keen on. It's from this side of the family that Cousin Audrey originates. Audrey married the chief bod of the Royal Marines (he didn't have that status when she married him) and lived in palace not far from Buckingham Palace. There's a photo somewhere in this journal of them somewhere outside Buckingham Palace. Here's a recap. I believe Audrey (from Who's Who) was a Hidson rather than a Prebble.

As noted in my previous entry "Auntie Gert" died last week aged 99 and according to Brother Ken her funeral is Friday (5 minutes away here in Australia).

RIP Gertrude Lee (relative of a convict transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1825 as are all those on mum's side of the family.)

BTW: I mentioned the dinners at Canvey Island at "FoodOsophy" at Theosophical House today as being one of several "memorable meals". We ended up discussing olive oil, olive trees, the sermon on the mount (of olives), Olivia Newton-John and various matters relating to the non food aspects of the olive (such as removing sticky tapes from bottles). We also visited the "Garden of Eden" (actually the kitchen on the second floor of Theosophy House).

FoodOsophy - Theosophical House Sydney - next few Thursday's at 2pm (convened by Keith Howes who taught us how to survive the next 1000 years).

RIP Deceased relatives and friends.

Addendum: I picked up a 3 penny piece (threepenny bit) for 20 cents dated 1944 the year of my birth at a coin shop in Sydney yesterday. Marie - all is forgiven. YOU OWE ME 20 Australian Cents !! I know you needed that ice cream but some debts aren't forgotten. It was a promise and promises should be kept.
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