November 15th, 2010


Hilary Clinton (US Secretary of State) on an official mission.....

I sat with my painter friend last weekend and watched US Secretary of State rubbish vegemite.

I agree with dharawal (previously the only known Fidonet node into Van Diemen's Land) that

a) Kevin Rudd is probably too toffee nosed to partake of Vegemite.
b) Julia Gillard needs to address this issue with Barack Obama who invited her to the White House in 2011 (as seen on SkyNews yesterday evening).

It should be noted that I now subscribe to Foxtel which means I not only get SkyNews Australia but CNN, Fox News and the BBC World Channel.

my painter friend noted that some of the people on Fox News appear to be raving loonies .. but that was only his opinion.

Bob regrets the sad news that Mum's sister Gertrude Lee died last Friday aged 99. The funeral is on Friday.
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