July 11th, 2010


Clinton White House Chief John Podesta on UFO disclosure

Yesterday I attended a fascinating presentation at Paddington Town Hall featuring Stephen Bassett from the United States. He is an exopolitician who is seeking to convince the American President Obama to let the world know about the alien presence in and around Planet Earth. This is but one clip he showed.

Stephen Bassett spoke for 5 hours so it's impossible to even attempt to summarise what he said.

In a nutshell:-

1) The CIA and numerous government agencies are involved in a legal cover up of the truth about aliens from outer space.
2) There are numerous benefits available to humanity if the truth is told.
3) One of the people attempting to bring the truth to the people is Laurence Rockerfeller

The Rockerfeller UFO Report Summary (link)

It's Sunday afternoon. Twitter isn't working too well so I may check to see if I have any interesting spam (sigh) :-)

Tuesday the Fellowship of the Round Table meets at 8pm. The Fellowship will no doubt discuss the June 22nd forum on "The Mayan Calendar - Is the World About to Change ?" and it's possible I may be given a copy of a DVD to upload to YouTube. About 60 people attended and the event was held in the Parliament House theaterette rather than the Jubilee Room which had been hijacked by a Conservative Women's natter group and we were told to bugger off.
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