May 17th, 2010


Today in Twitter - Reply from Voyager 2

Yesterday I attended a very interesting talk at Paddington RSL regarding crop circles. The presenter (mentioned in my previous posting ) noted that there were reports that the NASA craft Voyager2 had been reported as being hijacked by aliens and was sending strange messages back by way of a reply. So this afternoon I tweet Voyager 2 thus:

Calling @Voyager2 Have you been hijacked ? Do you know anything about crop circles ? (sigh) 4:35pm

just a few moments ago Voyager 2 responds via twitter thus:

Reports of my kidnapping are greatly exaggerated. Humans, you may now return to drawing circles in your crops.

I have a DVD Voyager2.

I know what's going on ! (sigh)

click on the links if you will
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