May 13th, 2010


Bongo (Avebury, Glastonbury, Round Tables, Mayan Calendar)

From Anti Gravity and the World Grid (Ley Lines and the Meaning of Adam) ( a book I purchased in 1987 "hard cover).

There is a specific site on Earth where the Michael/solar and Oroboros/Lunar Lines actually touch down, beginning and ending their planetary circuit and consequently activating the other 12 Zodiacal Ororobos Lines. This is also the site of the Master Dome, the original Round Table of Camelot, the Zodiacal Court of the Sun. This place is Avebury Circle, in central Wiltshire, England. Avebury

few points: Glastonbury (long studied by late brother Alan) is deemed to be the resting place of King Arthur and possibly his knights of the Round Table; Ley Lines were mentioned by Megan Heazlewood in her talk at the Humanist Society of New South Wales on the subject of crop circles a few weeks ago; I am now secretary of the Fellowship of the Round Table which has chosen as it's June 22nd topic in Parliament House "The Mayan Calendar - is the World About to Change ?" (not my topic but chosen by the Fellowship).

Is there a connection between Round Tables, Avebury, Astrology, late brother Alan, crop circles and ultimately ABRACADABRA ("As I speak so I create" in Aramaic) ?

As tweeted on Twitter (bob_bain is on Twitter)

15 July 2008 Avebury Manor, Wilts, England. Crop circle showing planetary alignments 21 December 2012, plus anomalous object between Neptune and Saturn (This is the date the Mayan Calendar suggests there will be a major shift in human consciousness)

The Fellowship of the Round Table have two professors of Religion from the University of Sydney speaking on the topic - plus a speaker currently in New Zealand but who will be touring Australia and who has agreed to speak. MH has suggested she would be willing to speak but there is some alarm she may wander off into alien abductions. The Fellowship meets on Tuesday. I have prepared the flyers and have updated the blog with a "primer" and (with some difficulty) got the web site updated ( I am not the webmaster).
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