April 16th, 2010


MP Lee Rhiannon on the illegal sale of X18+ material in New South Wales

In a Media Release dated Friday 9th. April 2010 Lee Rhiannon suggested :-

Following a raid on an X-rated DVD warehouse in Marrickville, Greens MP Lee Rhiannon today called on the NSW government to lift the ban on the sale of X18+ rated non-violent erotica, criticising the ambiguity surrounding current legislation and the lack of government initiative to reform the laws to bring them in line with community expectations.

"It's time for the government to lift the ban on the sale of non-violent erotica in NSW," said Ms Rhiannon. "It doesn't make sense for the sale of non-violent erotica to be illegal, given that it is legal to possess it. "Non-violent erotica is classified as containing consensual sexually explicit activity between adults. It does not contain violence or coercion, nor does it depict people under 18 years of age. "The ambiguity in current laws means non-violent erotica can be found in petrol stations and regular video stores, exposing the material to minors and those who might be offended by it.

"With the ban on the sale of non-violent erotica so rarely enforced, any raided businesses are likely to be quite surprised.

"The Greens are bringing a motion before NSW parliament to lift the ban on the sale of X18+ non-violent erotica and restrict its sale to adult shops. "The legal ambiguity regarding X18+ non-violent erotica only encourages a black market in the industry. It is estimated this is worth at least $200 million a year in Australia. "NSW has the largest illegal adult media industry in Australia. It is believed more than three-quarters of adult materials sold in NSW are pirated. "An Interpol report found the money from the black market in films finds its way into the funding of terrorist groups and organised crime.

"The Attorney-General seems to believe that having something illegal for sale but legal to own is a sensible approach. Our laws need to be more consistent.

"Amending the legislation would ensure that trade in non-violent erotica occurred legally and in an appropriate environment," Ms Rhiannon said.

Lee Rhiannon's Blog currently contains a link to Dangerous website censorship plan fails protection test

The videographer for the March 6th. Rally in Parramatta mentioned in the above entry was provided with a "people's media" pass.
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