April 7th, 2010


Trevor (in response to my discourse on the Big Bang)

We 'did' Descartes in first year philosophy. he wasn't very good. 'I think therefore i am' is rubbish, being a circular statemement. He is presuposing his existencet right at the beginning by saying 'I'. +Alan has a cartoon up in his bedroom which says 'Other people think about me, therefore i am'. This is better philosophy. Better logic to take as a given that OTHER people exist, to kick off the statement/thought - than oneself.

And as You said, Descartes is no more - or not in the way he thought he existed then. as for the Universe. This is beyond even me - and i can usually cope with intellectually indigestible things quite well. having Pagan parents and an R. Catholic school We have not enough to go on. And only puny little brains to go with. As our Philosopher of Religiopn, A. P. (I think) Cavendish said, You have to have a 'creation Myth' for any religion, also 'ruling' on afterlife belief, social rules, and a bit of summat special - like someone come back from the dead/ Virgin BIRTH/ miracles.

And a bit of ritual. Quakers say they have none which makes them special - but of course they do, though it is only specially dull. Sitting silent in a room with the odd pipe up from the odd person.

In UK now there is a Secular Society esp. for folk who don't 'believe in religions'. Now it has developed so much it has turned into another religion - but without a Spiritual God, or individual afterlife 'elsewhere', or miracles, They have particular rituals though they'd hate you to call 'em that - for 'naming' babies, 'marrying' and dealing with dead folk.

And of course a morality culled from mores of the time. But they 'observe' the religious festivals (Christmas, Easter) in terms of their rituals - apart from going to Church of course wh. most Christians don't do either.

Do you have secular Soc like this in OZ? are they 'the same' the world over? Or vary according to the country?

What a lot of white hair you have. Like your dad, and Alan. I'm jealous!

It is raining and raining, very dark. No spring at all over Easter.

Trevor - Cornwall (England) 6th. April 2010

Trevor as I explained to the Western Sydney Freethinkers (click to view ) I'm not religous enough to believe in aethiesm.
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