March 14th, 2010


Charcoal Drawing Plus Dad Mum and Me 1992 (video)

Trevor (Cornwall England) requested I post the charcoal drawing (signed Donald Bain) mentioned in my previous LJ posting. Trevor 'ere ya go..

The drawing reminded me of this video I posted to YouTube in May 2007 featuring mum, dad and me (it seems to have been my birthday and was taken en route back from the United States and Mexico on the trip Reader's Digest sent me on) as there is a similar drawing about 4 minutes into the video. After I left I went on to Copenhagen and then straight back to Sydney and Reader's Digest where things were about to enter an "interesting" period...

Collapse )

Video taken of Mum and Dad 1992. This was the last I saw of my parents alive (together). Dad (Donald) died in 1998 and Mum (Ivy Miriam aka "Kitty") died in 2004. I attended dad's funeral in England in 1998. Location Shoeburyness, Essex, England.

The video above was seized by the New South Wales Police in 1994 and may have been used in evidence against me..(lying scumbags!)