March 12th, 2010


Some thoughts on the week just ending..

On Saturday I attended the Parramatta anti-censorship rally by the Block the Filter group and recorded this video of Lee Rhiannon MLC. I also got to speak to her for a few minutes regarding her acceptance to speak at the Fellowship of the Round Table forum in Parliament House Wednesday next week.

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On Sunday I attended a concert at the Sydney Opera House featuring the Wayne Shorter Quartet (jazz). I had to leave at 10:15 after Wayne had been playing non stop since about 9 pm. Werrington is a fair distance from the Sydney Opera House at the easiest of times. I also spoke to my former boss at Reader's Digest asking if he had any thoughts on the Reader's Digest and the Digest Building at 26-32 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills.

On Wednesday at about 4.15 I spoke with artist Kathryn Gray regarding the building at 26-32 Waterloo Street (The Reader's Digest Building). She recorded the conversation from about 4:20pm to about 5 pm on the steps of the building.

I've had further thoughts about Reader's Digest and thinking about the organisation brings back a flood of memories. I seem to recall (quite strongly) that in the mid 1990's the staff were requested to attend a briefing by a magistrate regarding the Digest's opposition to the legalisation of Marijuana. I don't smoke marijuana but it sent me into a research phase which led to me digging up information from the United Nations here in Sydney (they have/had a small office near Town Hall at that time). Armed with a stack of information I managed to grab the ear of the magistrate and under the influence of the abundant (and legal) alcohol the Digest served explained to him about the medical uses of Marijuana and how the United Nations viewed it. The editor at that time gave a rousing speech about the Digest opposition to the legalisation of "weed". I seem to recall I managed to place the UN documents into the hands of the editor as he got out of an elevator ("lift" for the British).

In the canteen the following morning I seem to recall him saying something along the lines of "Silly old duffer I thought. A bit down at the heel" :-)

There were a couple of gay marriages in the Finance Department of Reader's Digest - one m/m and one f/f and both were sanctioned by the human resources department as paid leave. There were quite a few openly gay people at the Digest and on the Monday after the annual Gay and Lesbian mardis gras at least one would bring in photographs from the parade they hold in Oxford Street.

I have a letter from cousin Sandra with a drawing in charcoal by my father. I have placed it on the mantlepiece downstairs along with other memorabilia some of which is documented in this journal.

Next Wednesday the Fellowship of the Round Table are holding a forum about Peak Oil which I tweet about from time to time.

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