February 27th, 2010


Review of overseas games to be blocked in Australia !!

from The Inquisitor February 25th. 2010

The Australian Government Department tasked with censorship has told Kotaku Australia that pages on game review sites that review games that have been refused classification in Australia (remembering that Australia has no adult game rating) would themselves be refused classification and blocked in Australia because they include details of an RC game.

So not only will Australian’s not be able to play games suitable for adults in the rest of the world, they also won’t be able to read reviews about them.

I’d add my standard Orwell would be proud comment, but we’re probably beyond that point now. The Government in 1984 watched what it citizens said, the Australian Government may now want to approve what they say before they say it.

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Broadbanned Revolution 26th. February 2010

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