February 24th, 2010


New York City 1992

Direct Link to YouTube video

Of all the videos I have posted to YouTube this video of New York City 1992 amazes me. I wasn't going to upload it at all as I didn't find it terribly interesting but in the two years since I uploaded it the video has received close to 3,000 views and 17 ratings of 5 five stars with comments such as:-

"it's funny how most of the cars back then were so boxey looking lol i never noticed it back then when i was little"

"Ah, 1992 was a good year. My wife and I had just gotten engaged and we used to drop into Manhattan every weekend. Better days back then--no blackberries, no annoying cell phones and, in the streets, no goddamn bulky-ass, repulsive-looking SUVs, either! Man, we miss those days..."

"lol, 1992, the year i was born"

Boy does this make me feel old (well I am - let's face it). This video was recorded in the good years when Reader's Digest was making huge amounts of money and as Systems Accountant I was sent on a first class trip to New York to learn about Commander FDC (a global consolidation package used by the company to quickly consolidate financial figures from around the globe). I flew first class (it was compulsory) and took a personal side trip to Mexico City on an invitation from Ivan (whom I met on a ship in 1976 just before I joined the Digest). Ivan migrated to Mexico to get married. I visited the HQ in "Pleasantville" and was driven from the airport to the five star hotel in a chauffeur driven limousine.

in the year 2010 Reader's Digest is emerging from bankruptcy hoping to survive with what some are calling "junk bonds", is vacating it's premises in "Pleasantville" and has seen the UK company placed into Adminstration.

I uploaded this video to YouTube in December 2007 having transcribed it from the tape seized by the New South Wales police 13 years earlier. I explained to them it was nothing more than video taken on a trip to the United States. I explained that it was completely inoffensive to which they commented "that's for us to judge - not for you".

Of over 100 videos I have uploaded to YouTube the most viewed is a ten minute condensed version of the "RC" (once "R" rated) film Salo - A film by Pier Pasolini (Condensed) with over 141,000 views and 89 ratings. It is "banned" in Australia. This doesn't mean you can't legally own it, purchase it or view it in New South Wales. This is the Chinese version and being ethnic wasn't rated by the Classification Board of the OFLC. It cost $15 and the guy who sold it to me explained it was in Italian and the only subtitles were in French.
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